Wrap or No Wrap for Ribs

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Smoke Blower
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Nov 25, 2023
What’s the verdict on wrap vs no wrap ribs? To be honest, I do not care for braised meat. Wrapping port shoulder, chuck roast, or ribs tastes like braised meat and it stands to reason since the wrap is brazing The meat. So, I would like to try no wrap ribs, but not sure the cons. What say you?
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What is the risk of them being too dry and how do you avoid this?
I have done both and like both. When I wrap I use butchers paper and I like that over foil. The one time I did foil they were way to done for me. As you said they were Braised. In paper I feel like I get a good bite still but they maintain their moistness.
I've done both as well... usually no wrap most times now. These were no wrapped... not dry at all.


What is the risk of them being too dry and how do you avoid this?
Pull them before they are over done…..wrapped ribs can also be dry.

No wrap baby backs….i do BBs at 235 to a INT of 192 ish and loin meat removed…….glazed last 30 min…. 3-3.5 total time….plus the rest….


No wrap Spars…..275 till the start to pull when bent…..196-198 ish INT….about 3.5-4 hours total plus the rest…

again….too much time wrapped or not will dry them….

PS edit…… baby backs can be eaten as low at an INT of 145, ie rack of pork. Baby backs at the temp are my absolute fav!
If I'm smoking the ribs to be eaten like ribs. Then I don't wrap. If I'm planning on using the ribs for something else like a rib sandwich. Then I'll wrap. The wife will also request FOTB ribs once in a while.

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