brinkmann / conversion / oklahoma joe features

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Original poster
Sep 6, 2010
balch springs texas
II have been trying very hard to make this a one off and custom lil smoker. I have reworked the firebox inside and out m 3/16 rolled steel inside and outsiide . and all welded in shelves and like I said these is my one off , what do y`all think
Looking good. Looks like you beefed it up pretty good. I used one of these for years with several mods. Then I got all crazy with it and changed it completely.

Should look pretty good with some paint on it.
I re-furbished a brinkmann that I picked up for $20 on CL.  No SFB, but went with fire engine red paint, new wood planks for the shelf.  One thing I noticed on other really nice custom builds...nice BIG knobby wheelbarrow tires.  Makes it look like you could take the thing off road, and really finishes it off nice.  Just a suggestion since I find myself always looking for something to add!  Looks good so far.
I have sold that smoker, new vertical is under construction now . I have done a complete tear down from the smoker box lid (it was rusted and the old owner bent the hell out .it )
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