Brined Ribs with Sweet Cherry Soya Glaze ( Pic heavy of coarse )

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Jan 27, 2021
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Brined Ribs with Sweet Cherry Soya Glaze: "Wet Brine this time "

I have done the dry bacon on a stick and said I would also do Pop's wet brine. So here is Pop's way

This is what I used
1 gal water
1 cup Brown sugar
1 cup White sugar
1/2 cup salt
1 Tablespoon Cure #1
Mix all and put in bucket , Prep the ribs and place in the liquid and place a bag of water over top to hold the ribs into the brine.
And the picture of the ribs in the bucket also lost in cyber space like a couple others I had for the dessert . Anyway

The ribs were in the fridge in the bucket for 40 hours. Brought them out and dried of . Than back into the fridge for about 4 hours
just in the open air of the fridge.
Here they are just before I cut them up

You can see the brine did it's job
This is when I sliced up the ribs because of motocrash motocrash with his Asian ribs. I was just going to do the slab like I always do. But his looked fantastic and fast . I was doing mine anyway buy his way swayed me to change it up . Glad I did.

Cut them up and rubbed them lightly with Mesquite Rub, than into the smoker set at 290 - 300 deg. with mesquite and a couple charcoal bricks
DSC_5173.JPG 2.JPG

Check 1 hour , than 2 nd hour

Made a glaze with soya sauce , my Cherry Rhubarb jam , brown sugar and cornstarch
Brought the ribs out at 3 hour mark, rolled them around in the bowl of glaze . Back in the smoker for 15 - 20 minutes


While that is setting up. Made some fried rice with fried egg and onions. And a nice crisp kale salad with poppy seed dressing.







Had good Ham flavor and smoke ring . The Mesquite rub was also good. The meat pulled off the bone nice . Not fall off but a nice bite.

All around , I am not sure which way I found better, as I tried to do the same glaze for both tests .
The wet brine was easier to do , and no work to to it once it is in the bucket. But the dry is not hard to do
just flip it once in a while when I think of it.

So for me both ways give you a good end product . I would eat them both . Dry or wet brine on the ribs.
I will have to do more test on other meats , it's a terrible job but someone has to do it.

It was a great meal. ribs and more ribs, oh yes rice and salad.

Had a great dessert also
"Arroz con Leche" Smoked Mexican Rice Pudding. look here if you want to see it : ... Mexican Rice Pudding,-Thread in 'Desserts

Thanks for staying around to see the end

Hell Yeah! Those ribs call to me like sunlight rippling on the surface of water does to a drowning man.

Thanks John for the love and the comment
Wow that is some visual there with the sunshine. lol
I will take that as a high compliment.
The ribs were full of flavor starting off as ham than the Mesquite and cherry.
But it all came through in the bites

Nicely done David. Those ribs looks spectacular.

Point for sure
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Oh my God David!! Those ribs look to be pure perfection but the meal as a whole is truly spectacular. Couple that with a world class presentation and this is without doubt a carousel worthy thread. Very well done sir!!

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Those look incredible. I’m really impressed. Can you tell me more about you cherry rhubarb jam? Those are two of my favorite things and in combination I’m very intrigued.

Thanks Sven for the love and the comment

Was a great smoke/cook, right from the ham ribs right to dessert.

Now about the Cherry Rhubarb Jam. I make a lot of my own Jams, pickles and jelly's etc.
So I will put a link here for the Jam that I posted last autumn. and I have posted the glaze used on ribs before
a while back.

When I made the jam I don't use pectin as the fruit have their own , and my recipe said to cook/ stir until thickened . Well the first batch came out to thick to spread on regular bread . And I mentioned that it would be good for in cakes , cookies, turnovers etc.
Also as a glaze. Heat it up, baste it on and watch it get thick and sticky . perfect on ribs, etc

the other ribs with the jam glaze Potato and Gravy Bombs ( picture heavy )

I have also used this jam for different cooks and a glaze

Oh my God David!! Those ribs look to be pure perfection but the meal as a whole is truly spectacular. Couple that with a world class presentation and this is without doubt a carousel worthy thread. Very well done sir!!


Thanks Robert for the like and the comment

It was a great meal, Ribs very full of flavor and just finger licking sticky enough
and the whole meal was very good so Mona told me, right down to the smoked dessert

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