Brined & Apple/Ruhbarb Stuffed Pork Loin

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    During my last escapade to Wally World I came accross one last whole pork loin @ $1.78/lb and snapped that baby up.

    I cut it into some nice sized pork steaks and a chunk for smoking.....

    Made up a variation of Chef Jimmy's brine (due to available pantry) and brined the chops for 8hrs (will post in grilling) and the rest of the loin for 48hrs.

    48 hoeurs later......I pondered what to do with this loin. Strolling around my garden, my Rhubarb literally smacking me in the's that big! So i thought...Rhubarb/Apple i cut up some of each and sauteed them in butter, rubbed sage, 1 tsp of red chilli flakes, and some pineapple chunks leftover from last nights grilled pizza.

    When they were nearly done I tossed in 2 TBS of Brown Sugar....

    Grabbed my steel, boning knife and the suspect....

    And Filleted that sucker.....

    Spread the chilled Apple/Rhubarb mixture over it....and a little corn flour on the edges....

    Rolled and tied her up...and dusted with Bilbo's Rub

    Smoked in the MES30 using the AMPTS with Pecan and Apple.....

    It came out awesome....

    Served with Roast Potatoes, Cheese and Sour Cream.....Broccoli, Cauliflower, Strawberry and Blue Cheese Salad....and a little Merlot!

    It was awesome! Best pork loin I've ever tasted. Chef Jimmy's brine added a really nice flavor and kept the whole thing juicy. Not dry at all. The Apple/Rhubarb compote worked....the sweet/tart really went well with the pork, and the red chilli flakes livened it up just enough.

    Me and the missus aren't salad people...but this salad is crazy good!

    All in all....another great Sunday smoke. Thanks for looking.
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  2. DAMN!!!  that looks tasty.  Great job and great Q View

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    D007, Nice looking stuffer ![​IMG]

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