Brazilian Feast Featuring Picanha Sirloin Roast (Mega Q-View))

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Looks fantastic, Robert! As usual, but I can tell it was well worth your time and effort. The finished products more than state that. Your skill set keeps on going and going. Great job, glad everyone enjoyed it.
Robert I know you put a lot of thought into this meal well before you began prepping. I love themed meals and you nailed this one start to finish. I’ve never had that cut of beef but I am quite sure it is delicious with that chimichurru on it. Every piece of CPB I’ve had is fantastic. Kudos on an amazing FEAST.
Nicely done. Good choices and well prepared. I've not had Chimichurri in years. Going to make some for a Tri-Tip I want to grill...JJ

Way to go buddy!

Fabulous meal....


Congrats on the ride too, well deserved.

Wow what is left for one to describe this awesome meal that has not already been said. I will say to not having to do all the photos and posting just invite us to this great meal would have been a pleasurer. Again a great job well done.

Geez Tex, I'm impressed by the meal and the OBVIOUS amount of effort that was involved...
If I did that, I would expect and 8' Santa Maria grill for my effort...
That being said, I'm simple... Hot dogs and beans type guy... Maybe a steak and baked spud with sour cream...
The only food item I treat with reverence is ocean caught salmon... especially those caught south of the Columbia river... Seems they dine on squid and sardines... gives the meat a whole different flavor profile worthy of my time...
Anywho, I'm now following you, in the event you tackle one more Opus for the dining room table..

'As you were' ....
Holy cow is right!!!!

Where did you find the little skewers Robert? My Mother has been telling me about those for years and I couldn't visualize them.

Awesome looking meal.
Looks Great Robert!!!
Especially that Beef!!!
I see you tried the ZigZags---How do you like them??
Nice Job, Buddy!!

Robert, this reminds me of the two years I lived in Brazil. From the palm hearts to the flan, etc... Excellent Job!
BTW the language in Brazil is portuguese. The country was discovered by Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500.
Great post Robert and I'll tell ya, I vapor locked on the skewers. love those so cool but that shot of the chunk of meat cooking over that smoking wood is the ultimate shot. Beautiful plating. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.