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  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between Liverwirst and Braunsweiger? Tried some Ketchmar Braunsweiger this weekend and I have to learn to make this stuff!!!!
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    Here is what I could find for ya..I personally don't know but what I found this is the best explanation
    Braunschweiger and Liverwurst are often used synonymously. In terms of their difference, following opinions (sometimes even conflicting) are what you could find:
    • Braunschweiger is actually a more specific term for one (the most popular) type of Liverwurst, while Liverwurst is referred to as a general term for sausage with pork liver in it.
    • Liverwurst is a spreadable sausage. Braunschweiger is sliceable rather than spreadable. Or the opposite.
    • Liverwurst can be smoked or plain while Braunschweiger is nearly always smoked.
  3. Thanks!!!! that helps. Nice ink btw.[​IMG]
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    I think Got1 got it for you. Braunschweiger definitely does slice more easily and - to me- is a lot tastier.

    Thanks for the research! [​IMG]
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    Yeppers! Got1 hit the nail on the head...bransweiger is easier to slice, firmer ....and in my ho...a wee bit tastier.
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    What he said ^^^^
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