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  1. I wanted to get some opinions on using foil with boston butts. I've smoked many a butts in the past, but never with foil. I've been chosen to cook the pulled pork for my families Father's Day celebration and wanted to try something different. In the past I've just seasoned with a rub or a sauce and cooked at 225 degrees until it reaches 190. It's never really pulled apart how I would have liked, but from looking around I see that I need to try letting it cook to 200 degrees. I'm planning on trying a brine for the first time as well (whats the use in extended families if you can't experiment on them a little, huh?!?).

    But back to my main question. If you have wrapped in foil, at what temp did you do it? Did it keep bark from being made? How did it compare to butts you have done with no foil? 

    I know some people wrap it to speed cooking, but that's not a concern for me because I'm going to be cooking and pulling a day or two before the dinner. my main thought on wrapping the butts in foil was so it would be braised in its own juices and make it more flavorful and act as an insurance policy on keeping it tender. 

    Any thoughts? Thanks for your feedback!
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  2. Welcome to the group Jason.

    I never foil till after i remove it from the smoker. Then foil for a rest. You will not get as good of a bark if you foil.

    You have to take a butt to 200 - 205 deg to get it to pull and be super tender.

    You can do all kinds of things with a brine also a mop. Then their is the finishing sauce.

    Look around here and take an idea or 2 form here. (remember to give them credit if you use an idea)

    Then experiment on your family till they can't stand any more great Q

    as oldshoolsmoker would say Patients is the best ingredient.

    Happy smoken.

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    For butts I use a simple rub, SPOG. I run my smoker at 265*. I don't foil during the cook. I take them to an IT of 205, foil and let rest for 45mins to a hour before pulling and applying my finishing sauce.
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    I used to cook/smoke mine at I use a temp between 250-275.  Also...I used to foil I don't.  BUT....when they come out of the smoker I will put them in a foil pan then wrap with foil...put in a cooler for the cooler nap. I de-fat the juices and use them after I have pulled the meat. it so much better that way.

    Rubs...I have one that I do...but there are so many good commercial ones out there too.  I am using Lotta Bull's Butt rub now and really like it.


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