Bonus from my pulled pork...

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 14, 2007
Columbus, OH
So a few weeks ago I did up 20+ lbs of pulled pork to begin stocking up for the winter. Part of my process is an injection marinade with quite a bit of butter in it. I also continue to bast the pork once an hour or so through wrapping time. The drip pan gets a pretty good amount of dripping in it due to the basting. After the pork gets wrapped and moved to the oven to finish, i take the drip pan out, let it come down to room temp, then into deep freezer. The "juice" goes to the bottom and the butter/fat rises to the top and solidifies.

the juice goes back into the pork when it comes out of the cooler.

The butter, I chopped up into blocks, froze it and have been using for whenever I would use regular butter. Wife made a pan sauce from the drippings of a roast beef.

Used it to make mashed potatoes, eggs, hash browns, fried up some homemade sausage, put a dab in there.

Wife made "from scratch" dinner rolls last night that called for melted butter in the mix. She used my smoked butter.

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