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Boneless Turkey breast . Cured and smoked .


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The turkey by itself is ok . I mean it's turkey . Not a lot there . On the sandwich with everything else it was fantastic .
Major understatement Chop, That sammie and turkey look fantastic.

Point for sure

Question: did the turkey have a hammy taste?


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You really killed it chop!
I usually buy those pre packaged butterball breasts, but the next one I do I’m gonna do it your way. Very nicely done!!


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I ran across the boneless roast you did in the roto .
Next one like this goes in the 360 . Be the perfect size .
Thanks for lookin .
I predict the 360 bests the smoker. Wife did her homemade meatballs in our AF for the first time and she is sold on it. I have permission to run meat in it now :emoji_laughing:


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Looks good Chop.
Interesting with the rewrap of the skin. Do you remove the skin after smoking? Keeps the breast meat moist I bet....


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chopsaw, that is a great way to do the breasts, thanks for the picture steps

that is picture perfect. Big thumbs up and like
This I will also add to my list of todo


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Thanks for the like chop it is appreciated.
I will have a sammie please.



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After Christmas, turkey breasts were going for cheap around here. I went thru a lot but never thought of trying anything like this.
When I do eventually give this a go, I think it might benefit from a little seasoning on the meat before wrapping with the skin. But I thank you for the idea!!!

kit s

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I do this method every now and then , but use chicken . Makes good sandwich meat . Had a whole turkey breast in the freezer , so got it thawed out . Mixed up a gallon batch of Pop's low salt brine . Cured the breast with the skin on and the bone in for 6 days . Used the Briner Jr.
Drained and rinsed a day before smoking . Then I peel the skin off and remove the bone . I put the halves back together cut side in , and thick to thin so it evens out some .
I lay the skin out and scrape any visible fat . Then wrap around the breast halves and into some # 28 netting . Back in the fridge over night .
Used the MES 30 . Mesquite and apple pellets in a 6 " tube . Couple hours dry time . Couple hours of smoke at 130 , then bumped it up to finish . Let the smoke go until it ran out . I took this to 170 since it had been cut apart and put back together . Just to make sure .
Out of a 6 day cure ,
View attachment 487320
I used a sharp knife to get the skin off . Don't want to tear it .
Skin is used to hold it together and keep the outside from drying out .
It will be tossed later .
View attachment 487321
Lay out the skin and scrape the fat .
View attachment 487323
De-boned , and put back together on the skin .
View attachment 487322 View attachment 487324
Wrap the skin around and put the netting on . This can take a few tries .
Makes a nice bundle . Overnight in the fridge helps it set up and dry the surface .
View attachment 487325 View attachment 487326
All smoked . I take the net off right away before the meat starts to shrink .
Comes right off .
View attachment 487328 View attachment 487329
Sliced up . Skin removed .
Texture is pretty good . You can see the seem in the middle . Held together nice .
View attachment 487332 View attachment 487331
Got in the upper 50's yesterday , but just nasty and damp .
Soup and a turkey BLT sounded good . Soup is Bear creek vegetable barley mix .
View attachment 487333 View attachment 487335
View attachment 487334
The turkey by itself is ok . I mean it's turkey . Not a lot there . On the sandwich with everything else it was fantastic .
Nice hint of smoke and all those flavors really go good together .
Thanks for lookin .
Kapow as they say....nice looking meal...would belly up to that.


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Wow Rich, that turkey looks absolutely perfect! It would be a big deal around here...and a turkey blt sounds like it would hit the spot right now!

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