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Black Friday Sales Announcements and Finds

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mfreel, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    I posted this over in the MES group, but it's probably more appropriate here.

    I've seen one announcement already that Bass Pro is selling the MES 30 for $179.  

    Personally, I'm looking for a gen 1 MES 40 to go on sale somewhere.

    I thought this would be a good place to post announcements of your Black Friday finds or any other sales for MES 30s and 40s.

    Help a guy out.

    UPDATE:  Amazon has the Gen1 for $349.
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  2. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    The MES 40 20070311 is on sale at Amazon for $299 as of 3 pm Central 11/22/13
  3. gballison

    gballison Newbie

    Amazon is showing the MES 40 Old gen at $299, free shipping if you've got Prime

    Old Gen 20070311

    Question ... do you think that's Amazon's Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Lightning Deals price? ... or do you think Amazon might go even lower?
  4. crpngdth2001

    crpngdth2001 Fire Starter

    Thanks again for the head up. I was able to get the Gen I, and the large Classic Accessories Hickory Square Cover (which is high quality and low cost, I already have one for my Weber Genesis) for $324.92. I also did the Amazon Prime free trial to get it on Wednesday.

    I also ordered the Amazen 12" tube smoker (I'm at 6,000 ft), with hickory, cherry, and apple pellets from Todd with 2 day USPS flat rate.

    I smell smoked Turkey already. Haven't smoked a thing since August, before I moved from Ohio to Colorado (and sold my smoker).
  5. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    Cabela's has the regular MES30 for $149.
  6. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    My MES 40 is getting delivered tomorrow!!!!!     [​IMG]
  7. 1stlink

    1stlink Newbie

    Bass Pro Shops Black Friday 5am - 11 am MES 30" w/window and Free Stand $199.97... I guess I'll be an early riser. 
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  8. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    Ace Hardware in Omaha had the MES 30 Gen 1 for $129.  I can't find the ad.
  9. mak104

    mak104 Newbie

    $229 at Academy Sports + Outdoors as of 11-29-13
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  10. mak104

    mak104 Newbie

    I just ordered one.
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  11. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Note that it's $199.99 + $30 flat rate shipping, making it $229.99 overall.

  12. mak104

    mak104 Newbie

    I posted $229?
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  13. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Yeah.  Wasn't trying or meaning to contradict or correct you.  Rather, just pointing out that it was $229 shipped so that people would know, and not think that shipping might be extra.
  14. mak104

    mak104 Newbie

    No Problem.It's $229 shipped. When I put it in my cart it's $199+30 =$229.When you go to step2 it adds $199+$30 and comes up with $259 for some reason.At final checkout it's $229. I've researched so many model numbers that I can't remember the good from the bad.I hope this is one of the good ones.
  15. 1stlink

    1stlink Newbie

    Their pic shows the controls on the back of the top and from my recollection that is the old and better 40" model, right???


    I added link if allowed, if not please remove. 

    Sam's has NEW model  #: 20072612 for $299  http://www.samsclub.com/sams/electric-smoker/prod7080346.ip

    Amazon has old Model 20070311 $299 Shipped FREE  

    I believe that I'll be ordering from Academy today! I was leaning toward a Smokin-It but price and some forum comments have me concerned. 1st time buyer so being cautious.. :)
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  16. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    Geez!!!!  The Academy has it for $200 less than what most sell it for.  THat's hands down the best price I've seen.  You kinda ticked me off.  My new one arrived yesterday and I paid $100 more than this.  Great find!
  17. Masterbuilt Electric Black Digital Smoker, 30 in. at Tractor Supply Thu and Friday Only... $129.99 Might want to check this out... Use this as the insulated box along with the AMNPS and you have a handy smoker...
  18. mgj2727

    mgj2727 Newbie

    Drat!!! The Academy is sold out.  I had it in my cart, and by the time I tried to check out.  It was out.
  19. 1stlink

    1stlink Newbie

    Not my fault, I jumped onto the Smokin-IT wagon... Ordered and shipped today. 

    PS, My Tractor Supply Store had 2 MES 30" Digital smokers left this AM for $129.95, very tempting but I live 1 mile from salt water and have high humidity so opted for SS. Good luck...
  20. mak104

    mak104 Newbie

    My thought process  was with the 30, I'de need a maverick thermometer.That would add another $60.Might as well get the bigger one.[​IMG]