Big Smoke - Big Success!

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I was able to do my smokin' yesterday, since it's still to wet to pour concrete. 2 weeks and no work!
Anyway, I smoked 2 chix, 2 butts, 2 briskets, 10 fatties, 12 eggs, 24 ABT's and 1 cabbage.
I didn't take pics, because quite frankly it looks no different than anyone elses food. And my floppy is still down and my camera takes floppies. I guess I need to upgrade.
Everything was fantastic and most is vacuum packed and in the freezer.
The eggs were great, as were the ABT's. Kids and wife loved the ABT's.
My wife loved the cabbage, the kids didn't and I can take or leave it.
I've finally got my venting perfect on the big water tank. I can leave this thing for several hours with a big load of wood and not worry about it.
The only potential problem I had was that I tripped on the edge of the concrete and landed my hands flat on the firebox. OUCH!!!! Not really, I had my gloves on. Thank God.
Gunny, Glad to hear you're getting the smoker set up good now. Just in time for the weather to start warming up so you can enjoy the outdoors while smoking.

The floppy is an easy, cheap fix. $10 - $12 and 15 minutes. So easy even I can do it.

And last but not least. If you happen across a good concrete man, maybe you can get that tripping issue fixed. Know any? Good thing you had the gloves.

Keep Smokin
WOW! That must be one big smoker, Gunslinger! Glad to hear you had gloves........didn't spill your beer did ya? :lol: You don't need a concrete man, you need a BIG hammer, take your frustrations out on it and "round" the corners.

Glad to hear your ok, I was like Cheech. I had a bad image in my head for a sec............almost spill my beer :shock:
Thats a good feast there gunslinger glad you didnt burn your hands. I know how ya fell about the work mines been slow also. Always is this time of yr around these parts. Glad to hear the misses liked the cabbage. Sounds like you got that smoker right where you want it.
I wish it was that easy and that cheap. I have a Compaq with a form fitted face. So I have to buy it from them. I already bought one and removed the face from it, and it won't mate up to the Compaq. I could do some strategic Dremel-ing, but I don't want to mess up the looks of the tower face. I could also take out on of the CDRW's, but I like them so I'll just have to nut-up and pay Compaq.
The stupid thing is; as I write this, I realize that I can take pics or video with my Treo phone. Well color me stupid!!!!
Gunslinger -

You naughty boy! You nearly gave me heart failure for a moment there!

Often the floppies are the same just a different bezel. Have you looked to see if you can remove the bezel and add it to another drive?
Gunny - I've changed a lot of PC drives in repairing computers. Even an expensive 1.44 floppy with our without bezel should go for $20 or less shipped to your door. The prices I was getting compared very close to the "new" prices on eBay. I never used a supplier just because I had an account with them, I always compared prices before ordering replacements.

Research your computer model or floppy model number if you want an exact match. I'm not trying to be pushy bud, I just hate to see someone get beat up by over inflated prices. BTW the entire face should come off that Compaq to expose the face of the floppy. Good Luck and feel free to PM me if you need any help or suggestions.

Keep Smokin
I have considered USB floppy drive. I guess it's just something I've decided I can live without for a while. It's not like I can't afford the correct replacement. I just think these box store computers are built to either throw away, or as a way to rape someone when in need of repair.
What model number is the Compaq Gunny? I'll look it up and find ya a decent price for a replacement. If you have the model number from the floppy would be better, but don't really need it.

Glad to hear that you didn't injure yourself in the pursuit of the TBS! Had my heart in my mouth for a sec. :shock: . Sounds like you had a delicious weekend grub fest :D ! Hope to possibly smoke some ribs I've got in the freezer this weekend-it's been too long since our last batch :cry: . Daun
Found one for $30.48 plus S&H, but think I can do better with more info. Sent you a PM for cross references.
Found one for $30.48 plus S&H, but think I can do better with more info. Sent you a PM for cross references.
Found one for $30.48 plus S&H, but think I can do better with more info. Sent you a PM for cross references. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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