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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by tda1, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. tda1

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    So I decided rather than spend a small fortune on a custom table that I would attempt to make one myself.  I saw tons of pictures online and used a mix of a few to come up with my own idea.  I still need to stain it but it pretty much came out the way I wanted.

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    Brett, morning and welcome to the forum......   WOW, nice table... Is that granite on the top ??   Pretty cool.... You must be in the kitchen business...     Enjoy the cooking station.... It is awesome....   Dave
  3. rbranstner

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    Sweet looking table. Do you have any type of casters under it so you can move it around a bit?
  4. tda1

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    Thanks all.  I actually have no experience with Kitchens or Cabinetry.  This was just something I put together after looking at various pictures online and coming up with a plan.  The top is made from quartz.  It is more dense than regular granite and slightly better for outside (or so I am told). 

    I decided not to put it on casters for a couple of reasons:
    • they looked a bit flimsy
    • I couldnt find any that would fit properly on the 4x4s
    • Wasn't really planning on moving it a whole lot. 
    All that I need do now is stain it and build a small shelf for the egg.  Should get that knocked out tomorrow.
  5. Egging is fantastic. I built a rustic Mexican nest and shelter for my large egg. Custom designed and built over a couple of days. I had the galvanized countertop fabricated at a metal shop. 3/4" plywood underneath.  The back wrought iron is an old door from a friend's condo, and I glued (liquid nails) random spanish tiles on it, and added the cheesy jalapeno string of lights. I placed a couple of painted cement pavers under the egg. I live in Miami so lots of rain in the summer, so I added a galvanized corrugated lean-to top, outdoor lighting (I do electrical) and added a couple of spotlights to point to the neighboring hot tub. Yes, Florida is a great place to live!

    I do pork ribs: 3-1-1/2hr more or less at 225 degrees. I use John Henry Pecan Rub. Spray 1/2 hr intervals with 50/50 apple cider/water. Pecan wood for smoke. Wrap in foil with honey rubdown for 1 hr. than 1/2 hour w/o foil. Electric knife. They rock! As does the Egg.

  6. sabato domenica

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    Nice. I ordered a 30" X 60" piece of beautiful granite for my Egg tabletop, then cancelled when they quoted $790.00. So I built it out of PT an put a cedar top on, I like it.
  7. sabato domenica

    sabato domenica Fire Starter

    Very very nice. You could run a business out of that!
  8. Very nice build. I need to get my lazy butt out in the shop and build my table. My nest is about to fall apart. I already have the cedar I plan on using.

    Happy smoken.

  9. fwismoker

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    Very very very nice!

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