Big batch of venison pastrami...

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May 30, 2015
upstate ny
I opened my last package of venison pastrami a few weeks ago. :icon_eek:

Had to remedy the situation, so i dug out 18# of venison roasts.

Mixed up a few batches of pops brine. To each gal of water, 1/3c sea salt and sugar. 1 tbsp cure #1
Simmered 2 tbsp(for each container) pickling spices for 20 min, let cool before adding mixture to the brine. Injected each piece.

Into the solution for a two week soak. Stirring every day or two.

Rinsed, Patted dry, then rubbed with coarse sea salt(sparingly) and coarse black pepper and granulated onion and garlic powder. Two had ground mustard added for a little extra kick. Onto the smoker @225*.

Pulled @ IT of 132* then steamed until they hit 150*. Cooling, slicing tomorrow when the rest gets smoked.
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Thanks guys.

Had to cut a corner off of the smaller roast. Flavor was incredible. Tender and juicy.
Slicer is all set up and ready to go for the morning.
Cant wait to see the sliced pics.   Looks great so far.
Got this batch all sliced and packaged while the last batch is smoking...:grilling_smilie:

Money shot.. :drool

All sliced up and ready for packaging.

This was so moist the vac sealer was pulling the moisture up to the seal bar even with the sealer set to gentle mode. Had to hit the manual seal to make sure the package had s acquit seal.
All packaged..

Most of this batch is for my great nephews and nieces, who lost their father a few yrs ago.
My nephew loved to hunt, and his kids can put a serious dent in a freezer full of venison in a very short time. Lol.

Chile, thanks for the point. Give this a try, you won't be disappointed. Thumbs Up
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 That looks great and sounds wonderful. That is a definite on my list to try this spring. Thx for sharing that one. Point
Oh yeah!  That turned out really nice!

Now all I need is your address, I'll bring the rye bread, Russian sauce, and some kraut!

Point for sure!
mowin That is only a 2 1/2 hr drive for me LOL My son has a Texas Roadhouse in the airport plaza 


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