BGKYSmoker & Pfefferbeisser AKA Pepper Bites

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Mar 7, 2018
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So I read Ricks post about these Pfefferbeisser AKA Pepper Bites and decided to try them. I had 3 KG's of ground pork in my freezer and plenty of back fat so I was pretty much set but found out I did not have enough small sheep casings to do the job. Finally found my smaller brat casings so I used them. The house I live in was a old farm house at one time. Part of my basement is a crawl space and was the perfect temp and humidity to hang (ferment) them. I went with a two day ferment.
The plan is smoke 12 hours, rest them for 12 hours. My tube smoker goes close to 8 hours so I gave them 3 sessions of smoke.
The will now rest, dry for at least a week. Maybe two depending on how they dry out.

After 2nd day

3rd day of smoke

Resting in my curing chamber that is not being used at the moment.
Sliced off a piece to try. Not a over impowering favor but the pepper did shine through in the end. Took a while for it to shine but it was there. Still missing something that kicks it up for me. I guess if your out in the bush and need a snack this would be a great one.
Needs beer for sure lol

I am making these for sure. They look fantastic! Doing the same as you and cooking mine. Did you use preground pepper? IMO fresh ground is night and day and might explain the lacking.
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Those look great. Prob up the pepper, white is more potent and maybe a little red pepper even. I got an email from the German guy and he said yes you can use cure 2, he said he has a hard time getting 2 in Germany.
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I gave some to my buddy who is from New Zealand and he wants me to start selling them lol
I guess if I can make a kiwis happy they must be pretty good.
They look great!
Think that will be the start of page 11 of things I want to try!

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They look great!
Think that will be the start of page 11 of things I want to try!

Ya I was not sure on this one but they are pretty good. Next batch will get kicked up a tad. Kind of glad I went with the bigger casings as the are great on pizza. Son and I enjoyed them last night on a home made pizza.
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