Bellies and grandkid#2finished product

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Nov 3, 2011
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Well, I got the 40 pounds of bacon done sliced up and all wrapped up. Tried some this morning and it was absolutely amazing.,,, I did 19 days of it being in the cure. (Used digging dog farms bacon calculator) Then 3-8 hour cold smoke sessions and then it sat in the fridge. Uncovered for 1 week before slicing and wrapping.,,,,


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You have my vote on looks delicious. Nice work. I currently have 45# of loins down in cure and 20# of bellies. Just waiting.
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Nice , Looks really good. I wish I had that dedication and not touch the bacon for that long in the fridge after
the process. 1 week of walking past the fridge... I know I would have sliced enough for a BLT at least, but that's just me :emoji_sunglasses:

I'm with David, your a stronger man than me! Mighty fine looking bacon. I've only hot smoked bacon. With the cooler temps I may have to try cold smoking.

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Looks great from here! And love the way the fridge smells with bacon in it!

Thanks all,,,, ya damn good,,, just took out about another 60-70lbs of bellies that a few of my friends are going to cure this weekend and try to smoke over Christmas,,, slice New Years,,,, slicing my be a little catty wampus LOL is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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