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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 18, 2016
62 yo, been cooking outside since 14 yo. My Masterbuild 30" Model 20078715, arrived this week a few days ago.  Lived in (Indiana, Illinois, Michigan), (South Carolina and North Carolina.) Was in Georgia and Maine during my brief years in the US Navy.

First experiences cooking outside was a what looked like a Hasty Bake, back then that was the A-Class backyard cooker, available at K-Mart for a few bucks. Then typical Weber and ECB- El Cheapo Brinkman we called them. Then someone gave me a two door commercial freezer and I converted that into a whole hog cooker, 165 LB was the largest hog I cooked in it. It could cook direct, indirect, grill. Made a few 55 gallon barrel cookers both types, horizontal and upright. Had a wood burner side box type and hated them, fuel hogs and don't like having that much creosote near my meat. Converted a Weber into a pseudo WSW by cutting down a 55 gallon bbl to create a pipe between the bottom and top. My primary cooker is a standard kitchen gas stove that I converted into a briquette cooker/smoker. Now I have this MB 30. I cook packer cut beef brisket, whole turkey, spare ribs, rib tips, occasionally chicken, pastrami. Primary reason to get the MB30 is I also make sausage and want to make Andouille.  PS: I have a tiny collection of famous bbq cook books, one a 1931 Sunset, a Walter Jetton, and a Cooking with (black Panther) Bobby Seale, also have a printed out FAQ which is still available online and is a compilation of Q'rs online that covers nearly anything Q. I have a 1/2Azz personal website about Q if any one gets bored on a rainy day can share the link.
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