Been a while, but here's a QView Vid!

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  1. Okay, there's some history to this one and the reason why I made a video.

    First, it's my first real video I've made with the camera.  Usually I take stills in my spare time for different reasons, but I used the video function on the camera this time.  So here's the history of the WHY.....

    I was looking around on the internet at some videos on rib rubs and stumbled across a video where some guy was RUINING a good slab of ribs.  My exact quote to the guy was (as my father in law would say), "You RUINT them ribs!"  I was kinda poking fun at the guy to let him know that I didn't think they looked good (in fact, they looked underdone).

    He did them in the oven.

    I didn't go looking to pick a fight.  Usually when I post stuff on other people's vids (and have stuff posted on mine) I'm looking for people's honest opinions to make me better when I'm doing what I enjoy doing.  Apparently, not everybody thinks that way [​IMG]

    So, after a bit of back and forth, I told him I'd make my own video as a response to his.  He said that I'd be 'judged accordingly'.

    Here is the response video.  Enjoy.

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  2. daveomak

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    Alex, morning.... Great video.... step by step that covers all the bases and the ribs look awesome.... I don't have to see the other video to know who does the best ribs....   The background Jazz was a nice touch...   Dave
  3. Thanks! 

    You wouldn't want to see the other video.  It's blasphemy [​IMG]

    (look for 'Chef Joe Banks' and you'll find it under 'cherry coke ribs').
  4. bmudd14474

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    Great job and thanks for sharing.
  5. red dog

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    Very nice video Alex. Great pullback on those ribs too! Doing ribs on Thursday, Now I can't wait!

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