Beef Tenderloin. Its whats for Christmas Dinner Qview

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Feb 20, 2010
West Liberty, Iowa
I bought a short loin at a one day sale for $3.99/lb and had the tenderloin cut out of it. I had the rest of the short loin cut up into steaks for the freezer.

I rubbed it down with Montreal Steak Seasoning, folded the small end under and tied it together with butcher’s twine to make it roughly the same thickness from one end to the other.


Since this was a very lean cut of meat I elected to wrap it up with a pound of bacon to keep it from drying out as I smoked it.



I started smoking it at 225with a chunk of hickory and a chunk of cherry. After 2 hours I kicked up the cook temperature to 250. At 3 hours it hit 140so I pulled it out of the smoker and double wrapped it in foil for 15 minutes while I threw the Twice Baked Potatoes back in the oven.


When I removed the bacon and caved it up it was a nice medium rare and oh so juicy. Just the way I like it


Here’s the money shot. Plated with baked beans, home grown corn, homemade rolls, twice baked potatoes, and mesquite smoked deviled eggs.

Christmas dinner at its best, fork tender meat with all the fixens.


Merry Christmas.  Thanks for looking
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Looks great nice job 

Now that sure is a great other Christmas meal to me. It looks awesome and I know it was delishes too.
That does look good !!!!!!   I want to do one one day if I can catch them on sale but I don`t think that will ever happen....GREAT JOB !!!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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