Beef short ribs.

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Original poster
Jan 12, 2017
First time smoking beef short ribs on a Bradley. It's a 3.5 lb slab. Want to know the best way to smoke these. Should I put them in a foil pan? How long to smoke? Should I cut them up first? Don't want to ruin my first beef ribs!!
Oh man, several ways to go. 3-2-1 is a good option. The braise during the 2 part really helps break down the connective tissues.

Another method I just tried was cutting into individual ribs.seasoning all sides and going straight on the grate at higher pit temp 325. They turned out great also.

So there's two options.
What kind of seasoning is generally used? Good Ol' salt and pepper? Or a spiced rub? And how long to leave the rub on before smoking?
Beef short ribs turned out amazing!! Used salt and pepper and oak smoke. Thanks for the cooking tips.
     Gotta Post Pics, Anyway ----   Glad they turned out

Did 4 racks of beef short ribs last Saturday, used Franklin's 50/50 S&P method.  I thought they were a bit too salty, but the beef flavor, tenderness, and bark were great. Doing some again tomorrow, going to try 40/60 S/P ratio this time.
Ok guys and gals, I'm cooking for stepdtrs wedding end of March . Doing short ribs as one entree. Will have the butcher trim and cut them into 3 inch pieces. Getting 4-4 packs which should yield 56- 64 pieces each when cut . My question is , how the he// do I cook/ smoke them for 150 people( was told originally 80 people at the most !!! )Those women liiiiied to me.. Lmao is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.