Beef Chuckie!!!! Another first!

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Sep 5, 2010
So Cal
So again i got the bug to do a little smoking. our local store had trip tip on sale this week (Yes i know, not a chuckie lol), however the selection they had available looked absolutely disgusting! the best looking cut had a huge tear in the packaging and i just wasnt comfortable with purchasing it. so i decided to take another trip to good ole costco to look for some meat. Low and behold!!! i saw it... a beautiful packagae of meat that made my mouth water just imagining what it was going to taste like. i got a 5.8 pound package of beef chuck roast. I lathered it up with a worchestershire/ franks red hot sauce mixture for a bonding agent for the rub. then rubbed it up and let her rip in the fridge all night. Unfortunately i didnt get a complete before picture. the only thing i got was after the night of resting in the fridge. heres that pic.


So while the meat rested i preheated my smoker and my BBQ Grill. I decided it would add some flavor to Sear the meat before throwing it into the pan of onions and beef broth. here's the sear phase.


Seared it about 5 mins on each side on high on the bbq. as you can see my grill needs a bit of cleaning. had a big grill session last night with the boys. after a few beers (dont remember exactly how many) i dont think i had the capability of cleanup. haha. anyhow... i threw these bad-boys into a pan with a freshly chopped onion and a can of beef broth then into the smoker. dang im hungry now!!!! the thought of how these r gonna taste when they are done is makin me drool. haha. i will be foiling them when they get to around 145 or so and adding some more beef broth. my only question is... what do you all take yours to? 175? or to 180?

oh yea here they are in the smoker. 


Thanks for watching all. and this time you wont have to wait an enternity for the money shot... the rest to come by the time i go to sleep tonight. happy smoking all!

Well it looks like you are running in the right direction.
thats all i needed to hear... thanks. i feel like i'm winging it but hey, things that are winged come out great... sometimes. fingers crossed. what temp do you guys usually take your chuckies to?
Thanks "fpnmf"! ive decided i shall take em to 190. 

and thanks to all for the positive feedback. 
Looks like a great start Jongonz!

I like to go to about 205 for pulling. If not some of that connective tissue up the middle (lengthwise) can be pretty chewy.

I agree, take it to 205 and pull it for some good eating. Did one last week and took it into work for some of the guys. I am their hero.
Looking good!

I take my chuckies to 200ish -depends on te probe test.

I made enchilatas last night from some chuckie I had in the fridge... yum..

oh my that enchilada looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! Great idea! I will have to make that with my leftovers since there will b plenty. thanks for the idea.
OK So without further delay i bring you the remainder of my smoking day....

I decided to pull the meat at 195 today. it hit that temp around 1630(4:30p). the pan i had been cooking the chuckie in was absolutely full of juices and yummy goodness. so much so that it was overflowing onto my concrete porch. haha. my only regret is that i did not get a picture of the absolute mess i had on my hands. but hey, if it aint messy, it proly aint good right? any how i took the meat from the juices and wrapped it in foil and let her sit in the cooler packed with towels until 1800 (6p). at which point my sides where done and i got to slice her up here is the first shot.


lookin good so far... then i started cutting and boy oh boy i couldnt help but eat as i cut. this was literally heaven in my mouth!!!!! so juicey and.... well words just cant describe it. 

Here she is being sliced up:


the juices!!!!!!!!!! haha then i decided to give her the ole brisket pull test.


pulled apart nice n easy! i mustve done something right. OH MY! i forgot to mention... i made the decision to save some of those juices from the pan to attempt a gravy. it was also good. now for the finished product i have sum chuckie lathered in some gravy, rosemary potatoes, and green beans. 


absolutely great dinner. The GF Loved it. she is the boss. haha. Thanks to everyone for all the inspiration for smoking. I Love this site!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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