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  1. Smoking my first beef brisket tomorrow. Does anyone have .any advice on rub recipes to use ? Do I use a Worcestershire base with rosemary ,thyme ,garlic and etc .. as you do with prime rib or will it also go good with a bbq type ?
  2. Fathers day smoke now . Cooking for pops so wanna make it perfect
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    Me, I am plain and simple, salt & cracked black, maybe a bit of onion/garlic. Don't be afraid of the cracked black on a brisket either. I like my beef to taste like beef. I am most definitely a minimalist.

    My last brisket I tried injecting broth and I loved it. I couldn't believe that I would but it was way more juicy than normal. Yes it could have just been that packer but it was an excellent juicy brisket.

    Good luck, but I am sure he'll love it.
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  4. puddy

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    Yes and Yes. I just did a packer last week that was salt and pepper with some onion powder and injected. Side by side with a typical pork butt, the brisket won hands down only had about a pound left, there were about 20 people 1/3 adults to kids. 
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    I do seasoned salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder. Maybe some smoked paprika. I don't like my brisket to be sweet, so I stay away from the brown sugar.
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    X3 on the above. Kosher salt, butchers grind black pepper, onion and garlic powder (SPOG). Sometimes a bit of cumin. And don't be shy....brisket can take it. Concentrated beef broth will really help enhance the natural flavor. And if you're cooking with your heat source directly underneath the meat, I suggest fat side down to protect the underside and allow the seasoning to get into the meat on top. And with brisket HAVE PATIENCE! Let it get to finish temp. If you pull it early it can be a big disappointment. And the rest period after the cook is as important for a tender juicy brisket as anyrhing. Double wrap in foil with a little liquid, wrap in towel, drop into a cooler for at least an hour....2 even better. Best of luck
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  7. I did my first brisket recently and keeping it simple is the way to go. Salt Pepper Onion Garlic. Let the flavor of the meat and smoke stand out. Enjoy!
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  8. Season it to YOUR taste.  No wrong way to season a brisket.  All about what you like!!!

    Let's see some pics.

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  9. I have done some research and like everyone has said keep it simple. I didnt know if i should use my own rub with brown sugar base . I guess thats only good with pork . So no injection unless its beef base. ? I heard a mopping was good after a few hours, applying every 30-45 mins . At 165 i double wrap in foil , is this correct ?
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    Yep, Keep It Simple System.... I've used just SPOG & I've rubbed with a rub with a dark brown sugar base, didn't foil.... Just let er go & turned out awesome ! I didn't inject or mop, but it's all personal preference....

    Here's a pic or two of a brisket I done a while back, this one was rubbed with a dark brown sugar based rub ! Q is a lot of personal preference though & sometimes ya just kinda gotta tinker til ya find what YOU like !

    Hope this helps !
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  11. Nice smoke rings . I put my rub on tonight . Olive oil with first coat of rub which is salt ,garlic powder ,onion powder , and pepper , laid on light , followed by second coat of rub which is , cumin , paprika , cinnamon , rosemary , chilli pepper , and cayenne , im sure im forgetting something . I was going to inject with worchestshire but was afraid it would be too much . Think tomorrow i may try a mop with apple juice and oil . Trial and error , . I appreciate advice all around . Pray to god it comes out edible
  12. Also crumbled up 4 bay leaves on fat side up
  13. waterinholebrew

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    ros, one more thing.......

    Best advise I can give is relax & have fun ! Q is supposed to be relaxing & not stressful.... Probably the hardest thing I had to learn, relax & enjoy...... We've enough stress in life that Q to me is a stress reliever ! Well Q & a couple cold ones ... I used to stress out & get all worked up, sometimes to the point where I wasn't having fun ! Bottom line, get the TBS flowing & a cooler with iced down beverage of choice..... Kick back & let some good times roll !

    Lookin forward to seeing your cook & some Q view ! Best of luck ! Thumbs Up

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  14. geerock

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    Some wrap some don't. I put mine in with simple spog, get to around 200 IT. If it passes probe test for tenderness, wrap and rest in the cooler with a little liquid for a couple hours. Skice and eat. Whatever works for you.
  15. Definantly is a stress reliever. Got cpl tall boys on ice. Been on the grill since 830 . I will post pics of finished product later .
  16. What is SPOG btw ?
  17. waterinholebrew

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  18. Thanks . Still getting the lingo down lol
  19. waterinholebrew

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    No prob, enjoy your smoke & cold ones !

    :th_wsmsmile0ly: :cheers:
  20. YI had a good smoke for most part . Family enjoyed it . Love it actually . I was unhappy because i didnt hve the perfect smoke ring . But after tasting it , wow excuse my language but the fucking flavors ! Smoked for 6 hrs , double wraped in foil and another hr on grill then wrapped with towel in cooler for half hr . Happy with finished product so was pops , and thats what matters . Best fathers day :) thanks for all the advice
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