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Beef Brisket w/ juicy Qview


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Meat:      6 lb beef brisket flat

Prep:      Rub (equal amounts salt,pepper,onion,garlic,sugar), 1 cup beef broth injected.

Wood:    Hickory

Smoker: MES 30

Cooking: 6 AM, took out of frig. 7 AM, fired up MES to 250F. 8 AM, Beef in the MES top rack, big pan under it. 6 hours of smoke / cooking in the MES. At 2 PM, internal temp 165, dropped the flat into a big foil pan with drippings, added a bit more broth, foil to top tight, shut down the MES and moved the covered pan to an oven in the kitchen. Cooked covered with at 375 just around 2 hrs until the internal temp was 197 (had a Maverick temp probe w/ remote in it the whole time), took it out, foil wrapped, temp coasted up to 201, and let it rest for almost 2 hours. Dinner was at around 6 PM.

It's been exactly a year since I got my MES and I thought it was high time I took my first stab at making a brisket. Ordered a nice flat from the local butcher the week prior, prepped it (rub, injected) and left it in the frig over night Christmas day and made it on the 26th. Tricia said the finished product was the better than Salt Lick's we had down in Texas (but she could also have been kind with that). I poured off the drippings in a pan,set it out on the chilly deck and skimmed off the top fat layer and brought it back on the stove, added a bit more beef stock and thickened for a gravy. Also heated up a side of Salt Lick mustard BBQ sauce as another sauce option. Being the first brisket I ever made I think it came out pretty good. 

Beef Brisket flat above, top and bottom. Nice fat cap, not too thick.


Smoking before and after picture above. Finished product in pictures below: 




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I just got a lot of love for the brisket I fixed for my son's 1st birthday last month, but yours is far superior. Wow! That is beautiful. You obviously started with a great cut from your butcher. 

That knife in the 6th picture.....I must have one. Where and how much? 


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That looks like a perfectly cooked brisket!

Have to give you a point for a fantastic first try at brisket!



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Thanks.. Yes it was a good piece of meat from the butcher.

The knife is from a website, sharpchef, model is "Adirondack scalloped power knife", Lg, $46. Trish and I saw them at a food / chef trade show in southeast PA this year. She gave it to me as a Christmas gift so I just started using it. Sharp as all get-out, supposedly never needs sharpening. Blade is flexible due to thin thickness but that may not be an issue due to the extreme sharpness, blade serration and leverage from the handle.


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Beautiful brisket, Bro!



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Having left over brisket tonight, reheating in a little beef broth in a pan.

Could not resist not taking a pic after seeing a fresh sliced piece just out of the frig.
Odd that it seems more pink today, but, no complaints here!!!


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