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  1. Hi everybody,

    I've decided upon beef back ribs for my first smoke.  I have two racks that are roughly 2.35 lbs a piece.  How long should they be in?   Should I put water in the pan?  Im using a dry rub only while cooking. 

    Thank you for your help.
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    4, morning....  I have been smoking short ribs lately.... I like smoking them at 250 ish for a couple 3 hours....   I add about 1 cup of water to my water pan that has pea gravel in it.....  I preheat the smoker for an hour or so at 275 and the gravel pan is in it during this step.....   add the meat, add hot water to the gravel, start the smoke...  set the temp to 250 ish....   the water will be gone in 1 to 2 hours..... then the meat surface will begin to dry and seal in the moisture....  creating a nice bark....   the bones take awhile to get up to temp...  when the meat pulls  back from the bones, they are done....  sometimes the meat can be "chewy" and I like the meat tender... so, a temp of probably 195 ish for the meat is probably about right.....    I never check the temp.... just by eye and feel.... Pull one out and check for tenderness.... if they are tough, put them back in....   Seems like a strange cooking method but I have never found a "rule" that works for me when cooking beef ribs...  maybe it's due to the amount of really big bones to meat... darn if I know.....    Usually they look "over done" when they are cooked perfectly for me.....    

    There you go.... cook until they look over cooked and they are great.....  How's that for a recipe.....    

    Baste with BBQ sauce, if you want, during the last 1/2 hour....

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    Happy smoken.

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