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  1. [​IMG]Hello  from East Texas. 

    We need more BBQ cook-offs, competitions and just plane cooks here in East Texas. I live in Whitehouse, TX 8 miles south of the loop in Tyler. We have a lot of great places and events for BBQ. WE are surrounded by lakes and all the small and large towns always have something going on. I love to go to these things to see all the different smokers, taste the great BBQ and talk to probably some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

    Lets get the word out, maybe some of the big BBQ competitions will start holding more cook offs around here.


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    Good luck with getting this rolling Gary.
  3. Thanks I am trying

  4. We have Lake Tyler about 5 min from me and Lake Palestine about 20 min away good places to hold a cook-off also all these little towns, Whitehouse, Troup, Bullard Flint, Chandler, Brownsboro, Edom just to name a few. You have Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, Jacksonville, we are about an hour from Canton   Lots of good places

  5. Gary I live in the Texarkana area and my thoughts are the same. I was checking last night for bbq events in East Texas, We have only a very limited number to compete in without traveling to the west or to La.
  6. Yeah, I know I have asked around just can't seem to get enough people enthused 

    Still trying

  7. If I can help or you have any suggestions please let me know. There was one here back in the fall but was not well publizied .
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    Hello everybody. Let me introduce myself. My name is Brad Sanford. I am the Group Events Director for a company that owns several Campgrounds. I am also a chef. Well I just help run and organize the 8th annual Johnson County Relay for life chili and BBQ cook off at Tres Rios in Glen Rose, Tx. Well I have caught the BBQ competition bug. This was my first ever entry in to a comp and I took first in chicken. Blew my mind...

    Ok the good news. It looks like we will be hosting another competition there in August that will be KCBS sanctioned with upwards of $750-1000 prize for high point. I will know more on that one next week. I know it's not east Texas but it is 45 minutes from Ft. Worth.

    Also I will be doing one at our park in Ashdown, Arkansas that is located 25 minutes from Texarkana. It will be in conjunction with a golf tournament to benefit the Relay for Life and American Cancer Society.

    I can organize any cook off that people would like to have at either campground plus the other campgrounds we own. They are located from Branson, Mo to Lake Guntersville to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

    Please contact me with any questions you have and I will keep everyone informed as we move forward with these.

    Thank you,

  9. Thank's for the info Brad and welcome to SMF

    Gary S
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    Anytime Gary. I'm glad I found this place
  11. There is a cook-off in Nacogdoches 4/25&4/26 at the OTT bike rally and BBQ cook off. There are about 25 teams right now. It isn't a sanctioned event, but it is a great time.
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    Hello, this is Chuck. I hope to get ,my  smoke shed built this week end, and get it seasoned. I live 20 mi. north of Dallas. I will try to

    get to Glen Rose to meet " y'all " . P/S , what is the date at for Glen Rose ??.
  13. Whitehouse Tx here too, good to see someone else wants more local events! Nice to meet you all.
  14. Good to meet you

    Gary S
  15. Hey there guys, I'm living in Bullard. Mainly out by Lake Palestine area.  Pretty new to the community, but absolutely LOVE sitting back and watching my smoker do it's work. I'll get with my good friends at East Texas Smoker Company and find out whats going on in our area.  There always seems to be something or a benefit going on that they are involved with.

  16. IMHO, the key would be to find a non profit charitable organization, contact them, and have a "cook off". From there, you'll draw the local pit masters out of the wood works because of the purpose of the event. After it's all said and done, word of mouth and social media will enlarge what your attempting. Starting small and growing is always better than starting with a BANG and not being to sustain it or any room for improvement. I've learned this the hard way in a non profit organization I was involved with.
  17. Gary, stay may have created a monster. Talked to some pretty good folks hwre in Tyler today. I'm looking into organizing a BBQ cook off late May, early April next year.
    Right now I'm in the investigation phase. Looking for possible places to hold this. Looking into sponsorships from local businesses, permits, sanctioned or non sanctioned event, pot luck shot at what the pay outs will be.

    As it stands right now, I'm looking Into hosting East Texas 1st annual "rub and run" cook off.
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    You go ,Gary. Make us proud 0f Texas.

    Stan . . .
  19. Sounds good Mud, let me know how you are coming and what I can do

  20. In the planning stage. I, along with East Texas SMoker Co, are looking at hosting the 1st annual Smokin' for Heros" to be held in Tyler, Tx April/May next year. Location, date, time, weekend, among LOTS of other parts of this are not etched out yet. I'm heading this event, Heath is assisting with as much as he can along with another person and my wife.

    A little about my background:While in the military, 13 years (4 years U.S.M.C., 9 years Army), it was always about giving and doing my part above and beyond for otheres. That's drilled into my thick skull now. LOL I've also served as Vise President of a non profit organization for the last 3 years. In those last 3 years, we were able to raise just over $85,000.00 to benefit Lone Star Warriors Outdoors. I have ennjoyed my tenure there, however it was time for me to retire from that and head in a different direction with my life. The organization I was affiliated with is still running smoothly and doing great things, and I wish them the best of luck.

    This is not going to be as easy to organize as our past events, since I know little about competition Cook off's. I will be leaning heaily on guidance from others as well as our panel to get this done to the high quality I know it should be. I will keep you informed as much as possible, so stay tuned.

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