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Discussion in 'Pork' started by newsmokerky, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. We're killing two hogs this weekend. Thinking about keeping some bacon/pork belly. Do you cold smoke bacon? We've always just kept chops, tenderloin, and ground the rest for sausage.
  2. Hello Newsmokerky,

    I would go for a long cold smoke at around 100F for probably a good 5 hours. Smoke with Hickory, Maple, Apple, cherry are all good on bacon. I have heard Pecan is pretty good as well.

    Use a meat probe or an instant read thermometer. Smoke it until you love the colour. Then increase you heat a bit every hour up to 180-200 and pull your bacon off when you hit an IT of 140-150*F.

    Best of luck to you. Hope it all works out great and you will never go back to store bought bacon again!

    Lots of other posts on here with more detailed instructions if you need them.


  3. I cold smoke my bacon, and never bring it up to the 140° since I do that when I cook it in the cast iron.

    I give mine 4 hours with apple. Like @DueNorth said, you'll never go back to store bought.
  4. Hmmm. I don't have the equipment to cold smoke for now. I've got the new Smokin It II, but don't have any cold smoke accessories. Can the bacon/belly be frozen, then smoked later?
  5. Absolutely.

    I use the 12" Amazen Pellet Tube to turn my MES 30 into a cold smoker.
  6. Hmmmm. I'm thinking I'm gonna keep some of it and freeze it. Keep 12"X12" blocks or so? Is there any reason bacon HAS to be sliced in uniform slices? I do not have a slicer. Will have to free hand it after smoking.
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Read up on all the great recipes here. Belly Bacon needs to be cured. You add Cure #1 based on the belly weight or in a curing brine. See Pops Brine. Let it cure 7 days per inch. There is lots of info on the subject.
    Chops and Tenderloins? The upper shoulder, the Boston Butt makes great Pulled Pork, as does the lower leg called the Picnic Shoulder. Making cured Ham is easy. Again, check out Pop's recipe and procedure. How about the Side Spare Ribs and the Baby Back Ribs? You don't grind up all these great cuts of Pork, do you? With all that ground pork, do you make Sausage at least?...JJ
  8. Yes, we make sausage, and it's tremendous sausage. I forgot to add, we keep the ribs too. As for the rest, it's so cheap to purchase on sale, we don't mess with it. We do keep all the rib cuts. I was amiss there....
  9. If you are going to freeze for later use, and are able to, vaccum seal your chunks of belly. If you don’t have a vaccum sealer you can place your slabs in a big plastic zipper freezer bag and sink it in a sink full of water until just the zipper on the bag is out of the water and do the zipper up. This will remove all the air from the bag and helps prevent freezer burn.

    As @Preacher Man said, the Amazen
  10. Sorry, got cut off....

    The Amazen products produce an excellent cold smoke and they are fairly cheep to buy. Check them out online.

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  11. Kroger regularly runs butts on sale for as little as $1.59 a lb. Sometimes cheaper at Aldi. W
    Yes, we have a great vacuum sealer. Commercial grade.
  12. OK, I've got some nice 12" x 12" or so slabs of belly from the pigs we killed this weekend. I've got one slab in the fridge, the rest in the freezer. I'd like to try to make some applewood smoked bacon. Does it need to be cured prior to smoking? Cold smoke? All tips/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. SecondHandSmoker

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    Yes, porkbelly for bacon must be cured before smoking.
    Check out daveomak, pops6927, and disco for recipes, methods, etc.
  14. thank you sir.
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    You're welcome.
  16. Ordered an Amazn cold smoke tube, apple pellets, and pink curing salt. Let the fun begin!
  17. Message_1549505490075.jpg Cold smoking is just cold smoking.. .smoke temperature never goes above 40F and air drying temp never goes above 60F and humidity 65 - 85%...everything else is heat treated bacon... either cold smoke it and air dry for 60 days for up to 1year shelf storage or you heat tread it and freeze... there is huge difference between cold smoke treatment and 140 plus F Smoking...
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    I think you'd be better off hot smoking that bacon unless you have the proper set up like what dernektambura has pictured above.
  19. Now I’m completely confused. Can I not cold smoke bacon with the amazn tube in my smokin it II after curing it?
  20. Cure it with cure #2 and smoke at low temp for long term stash.... cure it with #1 cure for freezing stash...
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