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Bacon Experiment: Seasoned With Jeff's Original Rub (Pics)

tx smoker

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A couple years ago I got a friend started making bacon. As we were setting up there was discussion about different flavors to try and he decided to do one slab with my Cajun spice mix. The final product was really good but a bit on the salty side. We didn't take into account the salt in the cure as well as the salt in the spice mix. Lesson learned. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I decided I wanted to try a batch using our founder Jeff's ( TulsaJeff TulsaJeff ) original rub. This time though I took into account the salt content. Both slabs after cutting the belly in half were very close to the same weight so when I calculated the cure amounts I just deducted 3 grams of salt from each slab.

11.3 pound belly cut into two pieces
misc 2 003.jpg

Cure and seasoning applied
misc 2 004.jpg

Into the vac seal bags but not vacuumed. Just burped out as much air as I could
misc 2 005.jpg

After a two week cure, rinsed off and ready for the second application of seasonings. You can really see the color that the meat took on from the spice. One pic of each side


Second round of seasoning applied and into the fridge for two days to get happy

After the two day rest it's formed what should create a nice "bark"

6 hours of cold smoking one day using hickory then 4 hours the next day on the Rec Tec at low temp / extreme smoke. Now back in the fridge for another day to firm up before slicing

Sliced...a nice pan full of bacon. Each stack is about 3" tall

All vac sealed and ready to go into the freezer. Got 11 packs of 8 thick slices per pack.

I'm pretty wells set in bacon for a while. This makes about 30 pounds in the freezer when added to the big batch I wrapped up a couple weeks ago. I will say this bacon is outstanding!!! I've done quite a few different flavors and this is about the best of the bunch. I'd pretty much dialed it in with two flavors we kept on hand which were maple & brown sugar and pepper crusted. This one will be part of the regular rotation, I can promise that. Did BLT's with it a couple nights ago on ciabatta buns and they were fantastic. The nice part is that Tracy loves it too. I had my reservations whether she'd be onboard with the flavor profile but they were unfounded. The aroma of it cooking was enough to make her start liking the stuff. It's certainly a bacon aroma but has an added dimension that makes the house smell wonderful.

Oh well, all done with this one. See y'all next time.



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Looks good Robert do I need to send you some eggs?



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Mmmmm.... looks so gooood, Robert! yesterday I opened another pack of bacon I made some time ago. Love bacon and egg for my breakfast.... :-) Gave another four pack to my son to make him happy. Looks like I am ready for another butch of bacon to smoke!!!


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looks fantastic Robert! i could almost smell it here.


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Robert, Looks like you nailed that one good!!! man that look delish!


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Looks great Robert!! Man that was a nice meaty belly too! I really need to get some bacon going. I’ve got a few looks I am going to do into Canadian bacon. Need to get some belly and buckboard going too. I’m going to try the sugar free spin on Jeff’s rub for some.


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Bacon looks perfect Robert. I bet using that bbq rub does make it taste good. I'm planning to smoke a couple bellies for bacon in January


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I will admit it does look pretty dang good Bob. I just received some maple sugar from a very good friend that lives near the source. Looking forward to trying it out. I’m sure I will love it as much as you and yours did.

pc farmer

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Great looking bacon. Wish I could make some that looks like that.


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Good looking bacon Robert! Bet that was really good with Jeff's rub on it...we really like it. Might have to give this a try next time I do bacon.



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I have cooked pork belly with Jeff's rub but never thought about bacon. If I find a belly that looks that good I'll have to give it a shot.

chef jimmyj

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Looks great. You guys are killing me with all the beautiful Bacon. I have got to find some bellies!...JJ


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Sounds brilliant! Big like!

Steve H

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Looks great Robert! Now how have to grab a pack out of the freezer.


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Great looking bacon Robert! Very meaty bellies too! Jeff’s rub gives it a nice color before it’s even smoked.

I’m set on bacon for awhile, but I definitely will give this method a try. Thanks for posting this up.


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That is some gorgeous looking cured dead pig belly there Robert, huge Like! I've been using Jeff's Original for about eight months now on chicken pork, and beef and absolutely love the stuff, it's become my go to. I just might try this out on my next batch of bacon, tho I'm set for awhile. RAY

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