Bacon Dog Memories

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Sep 12, 2009
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Bacon Dog Memories

I think these are the first Dogs I’ve made in 2021, and I threw a little Bacon in too.
So I made my signature slits in the Dogs & fried them in a Pan. (My favorite way to make Dogs)
Then a bunch of Yellow Mustard, and the Bacon.

These brought back memories of my Trout Fishing Days & My Brother Jim. RIP Jim.
Often times we’d have Bear Jr with us too (We needed somebody to carry our fish!!)
We used to fish for Trout in a number of streams in Pike County, PA.
The last time we were up there, I had talked Jim into going with me, even though he had quit Trout Fishing a few years earlier.
I remember that day the little “Black Flies” were such a PITA, Jim yelled over to me, “Now I remember why I quit Trout Fishing!!!”
On the way home, we almost always stopped at one particular College Sports Bar in Stroudsburg.
They had Hot Dogs wrapped with Bacon, pre-made & frozen, and they would throw them in this Old looking Gas unit, next to the bar. When the Bartender would pull this lever (like a one-arm Bandit), flames would shoot out of that thing in every direction, and those Dogs were Awesome!!!
They could count on having 6 Dogs less when we left, than when we got there. (Plus whatever Bear Jr could handle if he was along)
This was usually an Awesome close to each of our Pike County Trout Fishing Trips!!

Note: We never stopped there when coming back from Hunting, because it wasn’t the kind of place to go when wearing Blaze Orange suits.

Enjoy the Pics Below,


Yellow Mustard & Bacon is one of my favorite matches with a Dog:

First Night's Supper for The Bear:

Second Night---No Bacon, so We go right to the "Kelchner's Hot Mustard", with some olives on the side:
They look good bear! Even better now that I finally had my gallbladder out last month, I could barely eat stuff like that for the last year. I making up for it now.
Oh yea!! Love to have me a bacon dog or two! After looking at your scrapple post I ended up going out and getting some scrapple and mush (The Medows brand by Kunzlers in Lancaster) so I guess I'll be making some bacon dogs in the near future also. :emoji_laughing:
Those look really good, Bear!
We don't have dogs much anymore because of the Mrs. new low sodium diet. Add the bacon and one dog would be half her daily recommendation :-(
Considering making my own....
Your mention of those flies brought more memories than the hot dogs, though. Growing up near a large fish hatchery I think that's what we called "Bot Flies",
little dark flies with a black dot on each wing. Their entire reason for existing was to bite.....
Looks great, Bear! Glad you're still keeping a hand in cooking.

Aside: The first time I ever experienced bacon-dogs was from a street vendor in Tijuana, MX, about 1981. Only condiment was salsa. Not bad at all.
Good looking stuff Bear!! I've seen folks bacon wrap dogs but never had bacon with them. Mustard and onions, yes but not bacon. This has me thinking though....Thanks for sharing.

Love me some bacon dogs. Looks delicious John!

Thank You Jake!!
Appreciate That !


Looks pretty tasty Bear.


Thank You Warren!!
And Thanks for the Like.


They look good bear! Even better now that I finally had my gallbladder out last month, I could barely eat stuff like that for the last year. I making up for it now.

Thank You Jim!
Glad to hear you can enjoy things more now!!
And Thanks for the Like.

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