Bacon cheese burgers onion rings. Lots of q-view.

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May 30, 2015
upstate ny
My brother kinda gets credit for these. Guess he seen these online somewhere.

Stuff needed to build these.
Large onion
1 lb ground beef. I used 85%
1lb bacon - thin sliced worked well.
8oz shredded cheese. I grated up a block of x-sharp cheddar
Favorite rub, and salt/pepper if desired.
I grated half the cheese fine and the other coarse.
Sliced the onion. Used two slices for each build.
Mixed the grated cheese with the GB, and added a little rub. I then formed the mixture around the onion rings. About 1/4" all around the onion.
Then wrapped in bacon. :grilling_smilie:
All built. Little rub added.
Think my wife forgot to shovel a path to the smoker.:biggrin:
On the pit. Planning on 225* for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.
Hopefully they taste as good as they look. The patty on the right was leftover mixture and bacon. I made 4 total, but I probably could have squeaked out another, but i only had one onion. Your mileage my vary depending on the size of the onion.
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Cool !!

Nice Job!!

Bet those were Tasty!

Cool !!:drool

Nice Job!!Thumbs Up ---:points:

Bet those were Tasty!:drool


Thanks for the point, Bear.

As far as taste, well there still smokin. Got about another 40 min before i get to sample one.

I'll post pics of the finished product.
They look great. 

Might be alot of work for a app but they would work great for that.

I love it. Hope you don't mind but I'm going to marinade the onion overnight in maple syrup then follow the exact recipe. Points!
Looks tasty!

To simplify the process one could roll out two sheets of hamburger lay the rings on one then top with the other. Cut the burger rings out and wrap with bacon.
Looks tasty, neat app idea. I could see eating these on a bun, maybe use the hole for a condiment or filling like BBQ sauce or bleu cheese?
Thanks for the comments and the points. Greatly appreciated. Thumbs Up

Like the idea of marinating the onion.
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