Back Rib Experiment

Discussion in 'Sous Vide Cooking' started by damascusmaker, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. 12 hours @165. Just removed from bath and into fridge. Waiting for the grill later today.

  2. gnatboy911

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    I'm curious on this one.  I haven't done ribs yet.  Looking forward to more info/pictures!
  3. Just sauced, about 25 minutes on the grill indirect.

    Moved to the heat for finishing, heat and smoke. At this point probing fairly tender but IT only around 130

    I'm learning too gnatboy911
  4. Off the Grill, guessing about 45 min. 

    let's eat!

  5. gnatboy911

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    Well they look delicious! 
  6. jckdanls 07

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    ok.. it's been an hour.. surely you should be done eating/cleaning/belching by now ... how were they ??
  7. I'll call this experiment a success. Not the best ribs I ever had but very good. Texture, tenderness, moisture all good but short on the crusty bits and smoke flavor. If I ever do it again I will allow for more time on the grill.  This would be great in a situation where the ribs could be cooked ahead of time and tossed on a grill an hour or so before time to eat. Also the guy I was watching on You-tube doing this put a few drops of liquid smoke in the SV bag before sealing, I was out at the critical time. Thanks for the interest!
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    They look really good, but it's hard to beat ribs in the smoker!

  9. biaviian

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    What do you think about putting them in a smoker for an hour or two before the SV bath?  I have two racks sitting in the fridge.  I plan on doing one in the smoker, as I normally would, and one using SV and finishing on a grill.  However, I am thinking of smoking the SV rack for an hour before the bath.  Thoughts?
  10. I've done this with a brisket before. Smoked till it hit 140°, then SV for 12 hours, then put under the broiler to dry the bark. Turned out very well.  I would say try smoking for 2 hours, then SV. Figuring out the temp and time will be the difficult part. I would say keep the temp lower, otherwise the ribs will turn to mush and you'll have pulled pork. You could then finish on the grill or broiler since it already has the smoke.  Keep us posted! 
  11. Will this cooler fit a full size Packer Brisket? Looking to do the cooler mod for my Anova, but want one big enough for a full size brisket. 
  12. I don't believe the cooler I have would be good for a full brisket. It's 17.5 X 12 X 5 inches deep, Inside dimensions.
  13. I usually just smoke my ribs on my Big Joe but when I do BB ribs on the SV, I will smoke them for about 2 hrs at 225°. I then pull them, seal them up and put them in the SV bath for about 10 hrs at 165°. I take them out and put them on the Big Joe at 350° for about an hour, to get a little bark. I then sauce each side for about 30 minutes, to let the sauce set. They come out very tender, with good smoke flavor but not a lot of bark. My wife prefers them this way, as she likes fall off the bone ribs. I prefer just smoked and cooked until they still have a little tug when you bite into them.

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