back beef ribs

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Jul 4, 2005
i tried these for the first time last weekend, just getting around to post a pic

they were GOOODD, ill be getting some more of these and they are cheaper than pork baby backs, i just cooked them the same way 3-2-1
and i had a fatty on there as well
I haven't tried beef backs yet, but those look really good! I've got two shoulders already rubbed and ready for tomorrows smoke, but I am seriously gonna have to think about beef ribs for next weekend! :mrgreen: Oh darn! My wife just caught me sniffing the monitor again... :oops:

I generaly smoke these but tried indirect methods as in Raichlen 's Barbecue Bible and HTG it was much shorter and it was very good
I smoked 4 racks of beef ribs this past weekend for the NFL playoffs. I haven't had a chance to smoke in a couple of weeks, so I was dying to fire her up. These ribs were $.59/lb and had about 6-8 ribs per rack. All 4 racks cost me under $10.00, and they fed 3 couples and kids. What a deal. Needless to say, I want to try them again.

Some points for discussion:

[1] I too used the 3-2-1 method, but the ribs came out a little too dry. There isn't as much meat on beef ribs, as pork ribs, so I am thinking of using the 2-2-1 method the next time I smoke them. Thoughts?

[2] It was very hard to get the membrane off the ribs. In fact, I only took it off of one of the ribs because it was so hard. I wasn't sure if there were any tips out there. I know to use paper towels, but for these membranes, I had to use an actual cotton towel to get enough grip. The membrane was really tough after smoking, almost like leather, so that was not fun to eat through.

[3] I didn't want to use apple juice as my "moisturizor", so I used Coca Cola Classic during the foiled 2 hour stage of the 3-2-1 method. I heard that coke is a good substitute when using beef. I wasn't sure if there were any other suggestions out there.

[4] As far as rubs, I used a pretty generic beef rub consiting of paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a touch of cayenne. Any other beef rubs for suggestion?

All for now. Keep Smokin'

It's nice to revist old posts and I'm glad this one came back around.

I'm smoking some pork ribs on Friday for the daughters birthday dinner and I think I'll throw a couple racks of beef ribs in too.

C.D. When I foil beef ribs I like to use a 1/2 cup of Swanson's Low Sodium Beef Stock that I have stir a tablespoon of 'que sauce into.

As for my beef rub all I've used was Lowry's Seasoned Salt and fresh course ground black pepper. Since I'm doing pork and beef in the same session, I think that I'll use Jeff's Nekid rib rub on both. :mrgreen:

I also start beef ribs an hour after I have started the pork.
I want to try some of these this week. So, should I try 2-2-1 or 3-2-1/2?

I have used small needle nosed pliers to get the membrane off and it works better than paper towels sometimes.
Cortland, I'd go with the 2-2-1 for the beef. If after doing the 2-2-1 and the beef is under cooked you can leave them in a little longer and maybe kick up the heat a little.
I'd probably have to go with Earl on this one. The real determining factor would be the quality of the Dino Bones you're buying. I've smoked some real crappy Dino's that I had wished only went 2 on the first stage.....but I was pressed to make a party deadline and they were all I could find.

On the other hand I've found some quality ones that were real beefy and did GREAT with three! Go with your gut after they come out of the Cryo-Pack!

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