Baby back ribs 2-2-1 method

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copout27, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Jeff, I tried the 2-2-1method with the baby back ribs yesterday. This is at least the third method I have tried for smoking meats you have posted on Thursdays. I followed your instructions to the "T" and guess what happened? The same thing that happened on the other attempts (such as the beef ribs and twice smoked ham). It was ##*!!** GREAT!. If these things came out as great as they did for me, a green as grass rookie smoker, just about anybody can do it.

    P.S. The price of your rubs and sauce was too cheep for the quality, But that's fine with me. Thanks.   
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  3. copout27

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    I know and I agree but I'm an old guy who is completely computer illiterate. Just like smoking, I'll hang in there, seek advise and maybe some day I'll be posting pics. One can only hope. Thanks.
  4. Hey congrats on the Ribs !!


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