Asian Chicken

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Sep 19, 2018
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This week Aldi's had boneless/skinless chicken thighs on sale for $1.79/lb. and I thought that surely I could figure out something to cook using them. I remembered TNJAKE TNJAKE posting an egg roll bowl thread,, and a Kalbi beef ribs thread,, so I figured that I could make those work.

So here we go...

First the chicken marinade for 7-8 boneless/skinless thighs...
thumbnail (1).jpg

- 2/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
- 2/3 cup of light brown sugar
- 1 lime juiced
- 2 oranges juiced
- 2 TBSP Sweet Thai Chili sauce
- 2 TBSP rice wine vinegar
- 1 TBSP Gochujang paste
- 6 cloves of garlic crushed

Mix all these ingredients together until the sugar is dissolved and pour over the thighs in a zipper bag and let them sit for a few hours or overnight, tossing regularly. Mine sat in the fridge for about 6 hours...
thumbnail (2).jpg

Next is Jake's eggroll bowl. I used the same basic ingredients, with the exception of the ginger as I didn't have any here, and cooking techniques...
thumbnail (7).jpg

Time to grill the thighs. I removed them from the marinade and put the marinade in a pot to cook and reduce to get thick for a BBQ sauce. Indirect heat, lump charcoal on one of my Weber kettles...
thumbnail (3).jpg
thumbnail (5).jpg

I added a heaping TBSP of corn starch to the marinade sauce to thicken it and brushed it liberally on both sides. Let it char...

The cooked slaw mixture is on the bottom topped with the chow mien noodles and a thigh on top. Cauliflower was tossed in EVOO, course salt and fresh ground pepper, and roasted at 450℉ until starting to get some color was on the side...

Time to eat...
thumbnail (6).jpg

To me, this was a perfect combination of sweet and a little heat that hit on the back end. Our daughter said that this was probably in the top 2 of meals that I've ever cooked, I said whatever. I definitely will use this marinade to do some pork, probably butt meat, in the future...

See TNJAKE TNJAKE , I told you that I was about to steal some more ideas from you...:emoji_wink:
Heck yeah bud that looks delicious. I love asian flavors so definitely gonna try out that chicken marinade. Glad I could contribute something to your meal. Nice work!
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Looks good and hard to beat your Daughter's reaction...JJ
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That chicken looks off the chart tasty. I use a similar recipe for Korean bowls.
Thank you, crash. All the inspiration came from a couple of cooks by TNJAKE TNJAKE ...
Excellent work! I’m a huge fan of both chicken thighs and Asian flavors. You nailed it.
Jeff, the Asian flavors are really at or very near the top of our favorites. This marinade was my own concoction, but I was inspired by others and a couple of online recipes that I read. Thank you for your kind words...
Looks good and hard to beat your Daughter's reaction...JJ
Chef, our daughter and her girls eat here several times each week. Her husband works late and she always takes a plate home for him, but never one for her lunch the next day...until this meal. She said that she just had to take a plate for her lunch today...
I'll take a plate! That bird is on my short list!
Give it a try, Steve. There's sweet with a little heat on the back end, but not too much. It can be made hotter, but I'm cooking for several heat tolerance levels so I keep it on the low end.
Very nice , I'd have no problem to help with the dishes after a couple plates of that great meal :emoji_grin:

David, you are welcome to come eat any time you're in the area...
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Heck yeah bud that looks delicious. I love asian flavors so definitely gonna try out that chicken marinade. Glad I could contribute something to your meal. Nice work!
Jake, you keep posting cooks and I'm going to keep stealing ideas...:emoji_wink:
Thank you for your inspirations...
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I just wanted to add that anyone using this marinade, or any chicken marinade, as a basting sauce or BBQ sauce, you have to boil it first to make it safe once you take the chicken out of it... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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