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Apple chips, mesquite chunks, or hickory chunks?


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I am doing a turkey breast and some chicken wings tomorrow. I can't find any fruit wood chunks ANYWHERE where I live. So my options are to use apple chips, or hickory or mesquite chunks. I really wanted to use chunks instead of chips this time. I've never used chunks before. But would the hickory or mesquite overpower the poultry? If I do use chips, should I soak them first? Thanks, I'm so pissed I can't find anything anywhere in Charleston.


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Have you tried your hardware stores like Lowes and Homeless? Any BBQ stores in the area?

If not then you can make a tray like Dick suggested or you can make up foil packets with some holes in them and roate the out so you have less mess in the long run. Just foil up chips, poke holes in the top and put it as far away from the actual fire but still in the box and let it smoke til it stops and change it our for a new one.


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I went to Lowe's, Target, and Wal-Mart. Everybody is out. I guess I'll do foil if I have to. Do I need to soak them if I do foil packets? Thanks.


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The foil packs work fine. Use a double layer of heavy foil to make them w/ 6 small holes .

 No need to soak the chips.

Hickory used lightly would be ok .

 Mesquite can get real strong .

i use a handful of fruit wood chips w a palm full of misquite chips.

 If you have a cabellas ,bass pro or acadamey sports around you they all sell chips and chunks.

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