Any particular reason you DON'T homebrew?

Discussion in 'Beer & Ale' started by grahamfw, May 5, 2014.

  1. grahamfw

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    I'm trying to figure out why the rise of consumption of good craft beer doesn't seem to necessarily be getting more people into the hobby. I did a big brew at my local homebrew supply shop Saturday (LHBS) and had a great talk with a lot of people who came by. It definitely helped that there was a brewery 30 feet away that started a tour near the end of our brewing.

    What keeps you guys from brewing? Seems like most of you like doing things yourself and perhaps have a least a bit of space for it.
  2. I do brew but haven't in a while. Number one reason is time. Finding 4-5 hours to brew is getting hard.

    And since there is so much Good craft beer around it is easier to find something I want to drink than it use to be
  3. daveomak

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    Between blowing up bottles and the prep boiling over on kitchen stove..... Just figured because I was so good at drinking it didn't mean I could make it..... that was 45 years ago....
  4. shimsham

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    I suck at the sanitization part. Last time I brewed we called it Hair of the Cat Ale after finding a couple of stray cat hairs in the carboy.
  5. I usewd to, but without a basement it is hard to find a place cool enough to brew in the Summer that stays below 70F.  Yes, I tried a dedicated closet, Son of fermentation chiller, etc, etc.
  6. java

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    I just started brewing (2 batches) It does take some time to make a couple cases.

    Doesnt take as long to drink them. It is kind of fun though,. We also make wine and hard cider.

    It all goes good with some good smoked food!
  7. eight433

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    Would that be stray hair from a cat, or hair from a stray cat? One sounds bad. The other sounds way worse haha

    I've tried it, but bottling always turned me off. Since I've went to draught beer at home, I am thinking of giving it another try so I can keg it and adjust the carbonation levels without counting on the hopefully still active yeast and priming sugar.
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  8. bearcarver

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  9. Well let's see.  2 kids.....full time job....Scuba Diving......smoking meats.......hmmmm what else? 

    I used to brew some 15 gallons a week with my 2 buddies.  We kegged in Cola Syrup can's and had 5 taps each on our garage fridges.  Won a couple ribbons at the Del Mar Fair (San Diego) but just ran out of time. 

    Also I love in San Diego.  We as a city are #2 best brewing cities (behind Portland Or, but not for long)  and as such I have access to AMAZING craft beers.  I have easily 30 Beer places within a 15 mile radius that I can visit for a pint or a couple of growlers.   Stone, Mother Earth, Societe, Rip Current, Green Flash, Ballast Point and I could go on and on.  Hell Rip Current is a mile from the house and we often walk down to their tasting room and enjoy a couple pints of amazing brew. 

    As an aside.....if you guys haven't tried Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin you are missing out on IPA perfection [​IMG]

  10. I routinely brew 5 gal all grain Ale batches. It's easy, I enjoy doing stuff myself, and like good beer.
  11. Ive been brewing for many years now, and still brew at least once a month.  I have quite a few sour beers ageing along with the more normal stuff like pilsners and IPAs.  Its getting harder with my daughter turning 2 soon and a second kid due in just under 2 months.  Oh well that's life... at least everyone is healthy.  [​IMG]
  12. Sour beers as in Lambic style?

  13. Yep.  As in Oud Bruin, Kriek, Lambic w/ currants, and also a few brettanamyces ales.
  14. capt7383

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    As long as were talking beer. I fell in love with shocktop twisted pretzel beer. Unfortunately its seasonal. Any suggestion for a craft beer with similar flavor profile?
  15. I love me a good Lambic....mmmmmm

  16. I despise Wheat beers so can't help ya there.  [​IMG]     My wifey though loves them......go figure
  17. I don't really care for shocktop or wheat beers in general. But given that it's a non hefeweizen wheat beer there might not be much to choose from depending on where you live. Try visiting a local brewery and asking what they would recommend.
    Just my $.02
    If I was to drink a wheat beer right now it would be a Berliner Weisse.
  18. Most people in my circle also like Blue Moon.  It's another wheaty beer.

  19. john sand

    john sand Newbie

    I haven't searched for stats, but I think that homebrewing is booming.

    I've got an APA in the fermenter, one conditioning, and an ESB in the keg. Warm weather means Belgians!
  20. mike5051

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    I've thought of home brewing, but bottling/storing seems like more trouble than it's worth.  My favorite beer is Heineken so my taste buds are askew anyways.


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