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Any Navy Guys Here?


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I thought I would post this here for everyone, since it's the Thanksgiving holiday and just past Veterans Day.

My dad was in World War II aboard the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown, I inherited a "Warchest" full of stuff from the war that he collected.

I hadn't done anything with the warchest except move it around my shop for allot of years. I knew it had a ton of cool historical US Navy WWII memorabilia in it but I really didn't like looking inside.

A long story short; and recent events in my life spurred me to open the warchest and share whats inside with the world. It is very cool and part of our great American history.

I've spent the last few days building the website and it is totally a work in progress.

Hope you enjoy and comment if you like.



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You did an outstanding Job on that Website, John!!

Your Dad would be Proud !

I wasn't in the Navy, but had some Navy guys not far from me at Dong Tam, South Vietnam, near My Tho.

Nice Job!



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Great job John!  I was never in the Navy, but worked for 16 years in a shipyard building Navy ships and training sailors on their new vessels.  I've seen so many of those trunks and never thought of what stories they could tell.  Thanks for sharing your fathers memories.



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Oh waaaay cool!!!  So awesome and beyond words. I was only on submarines, never once stood foot on a surface ship. (targets as we used to say. )

Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you for sharing your dads time in the Navy. What a great tribute to him. Thumbs Up.

I have some of dads stuff from his time in the army during WWII. Not as much as you have, but they are cherished items.


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Nice job on the website.

My grandfather and great uncle were both in the Navy during WWII. My uncle was a Pearl Harbor survivor. My grandfather was on a destroyer that went down in a typhoon.

My grandfather grabbed the ships clock and a flare gun as it was going down. I have the flare gun, my grandmother has the clock.


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Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. 


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What a fantastic tribute!  I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and the reading.  Thanks for putting that together for your father's service.   

My dad served on three aircraft carriers.  During the Korean War; the Boxer and the Lake Champlain.  Afterwards he was on the Wasp.  He was a Yeoman 2nd Class, a Radar O'Reilly kind of guy for his squadron, the VF-111 Sundowners.  If someone needed it, my old man could get it, even if it stretched the rules.  Oh the stories he tells. 

I just dented the deck with tailhooks and tires on the Lexington, Kitty Hawk, and Enterprise.  The Lexington is a museum.  The Kitty Hawk may become a museum.  The Enterprise will become scrap.      


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John, just seen this - very cool,, yeppers your pops would be proud, thanks for his service.

3 different ships for me in my Stay,,, USS Towers DDG-9, USS Midway CV41,, And the USS Fort Fisher LDS40,,, Boy some of the best and worst days in my life,,, and if I could go back again I sure in the hell would... Oh,,, the ports I have seen. 

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