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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jtnf, Aug 15, 2011.

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         Hrm... I'm sensing a throw-down ;)

         Not my first smoke, by a long shot, but the first (for me) in a purpose-built smoker.

         A buddy was tired of listening to me talk about the smoker I’m eventually going to finish building, so he bought me the Char-Broil in the first pic on Saturday.
         A bonation to the cause, as he subsequently said.

         It’s pretty well built, better than much of the stuff I found at Lowes, HD, Bass Pro Shops, and elsewhere, and has a drawer with the wood box and water pan so you don’t have to dump the heat by opening the door to fill the water.

         Assembled, cleaned, burned clean, and seasoned Saturday, christened on Sunday. The christening meat du jour were baby back ribs, uncooked leftovers from my last smoke last weekend.

         Meatheads Memphis Dust dry rub, heated up a little for more adventurous tastebuds, was started Saturday morning after washing, skinning, and oiling the bone, and before the gifting of the Char-Broil. The cook started Sunday at about 09:45.

         The sauce, pictured, is a recipe I can’t share – I made a promise to a dead man that it would remain close. Ketchup and vinegar based, it tends to the sweeter side: It starts sweet, then a fraction of a second later it kicks you in place where your top jaw, bottom jaw, and tongue all come together, then has a long sweet finish.

         Cherry wood shavings off of my lathe provided the smoke. (The lathe idea came from here in my first couple days of reading... I know not from whom.)
         The lathe was taken out of mothballs and restored to service just to make shavings for smoking. About 45 minutes of smoke followed by another six and a half hours replenishing the water in the water pan five or six times.

         O.M.F.G. and a bunch of other internet acronyms that shouldn't be uttered in pleasant company.

         My personal best, without a doubt.

         The bone was cooked in rib racks, then laid down on the shelves to be sauced as they approached finished temperature.






    I have a smoke generator underway, which I hope to wrap up tonight or tomorrow, and some cheddar to cold smoke.
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    Welcome to the forum! Great looking ribs! [​IMG]
  3. africanmeat

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    looks good from here
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    Nice ribs...Welcome !!!!!
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    [​IMG]   Glad to have you with us!

    Those are some great looking ribs!

  8. Nice ribs welcome  glad your here
  9. sqwib

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    Great job on the ribs.
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    Welcome, nice job on the, cool buddy you have there too!

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