Andouille sausage

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  1. Morning folks
    I'm looking at making some sausages for smoking and was hoping one of you fine people had a recipe for andouille sausage?
    Many thanks BOB.
  2. gav iscon

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    The one in my Sausage Book by Paul Peacock is

    1kg pork shoulder

    10 chopped garlic cloves

    200g pork fat

    200g tripe

    20g salt

    20 cracked peppercorns

    20g cayenne pepper

    2 meters of beef casings soaked for 2 hours and washed inside and out

    Roughly grind pork

    Grind tripe finely

    Mix meat with the dry ingredients

    Stuff into casings

    Hot smoke for 3 - 4 hrs

    Tip try adding 2 table spoons of honey to the mix.

    I'm sure someone will be along with a killer recipe soon though.

    I have a bag of pork shoulder in the freezer itching to go through the sausage machine. Decisions decisions...[​IMG]
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  3. chef jimmyj

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  4. Wow thanks Gav that sounds like a winning recipe right there and I like the honey idea.
    Thanks again buddy.
  5. Hey Jimmy great link. I'm book marking that one. 👍
    Thanks buddy.
  6. kiska95

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    Now strangely enough the original North East Savaloy was made exactly the same with tripe as well as pork but in hog casings and without the cayenne & garlic before being poached then smoked!

    Hi Gav Stick the recipe on the UK Recipes section as that's a keeper as is Chef JJ's
  7. chef jimmyj

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    @kiska95   Awwww, Thanks[​IMG]...

    I never had it made with Tripe or in Beef Casing but it does sound interesting. In the US it is typically in Hog Casing with a Ton of Paprika to add a deep red color to the finished product and enough Garlic to ruin your Date!!!...JJ
  8. kiska95

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    In the UK the keep the normally keep out the garlic but some do put a little garlic powder in.

    As its poached it is a very light looking sausage (like bratworst) its the smoking that colours the hog skin and gives the distinct flavour. If its an authentic Savaloy, they also boil then grind the hog skin and add that too. Just depends on the region. Unfortunately they now dye the skin with Baltic Brown and add smoke flavouring for "similar" results
  9. You see this is why I love this forum. You can't get great expert advice like this anywhere else. This is smoking Mecca!
  10. You can at "I love barbecue / smoking over at Facebook lol :devil:
  11. kiska95

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    God its that Brummie again isn't it?  All gob, Indian food  and posh beer![​IMG] you know the one with the Veggie wife[​IMG]  you just cant shake him!!!
  12. Now now gents don't make me get you a room lol.
    Now if you don't mind back to the sausage recipes lol.
  13. kiska95

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    The thing is we had a room at the UK SMF weekend and my mate Resurrected was truly one of the boys!  
  14. foamheart

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    Craig’s Thread

    This is Poli’s

    I have used both and both are good recipes although as always I had to bend them both to my will, the same as you will. NOLA’s recipe is not bad either.

    Cajun andouille should be pork, hand cut (But I grind mine now that I have a ¾” plate). I am saying large chunkie meat and fat! In Louisiana we have cayenne, you are not known for jalapenos or ghost peppers. But during a Boucherie (a communal butcher party), special things were always saved to make the meats special. Black Pepper! It’s the secret to andouille. Yes it has the Cajun, thyme, cayenne, garlic, and salt. Everything else is what you like in your seasoning. Seriously. Andouille is NOT a meat sausage; andouille is a seasoning meat like salt pork or Tasso. It’s made so that on wash day a link of sausage, a handful of bean and a handful of rice was all that was needed (ok, ok, ok… maybe an onion if ya had some!), and could be cooked while doing the wash. What that really means it’s built to be self-sustaining.

    Beef middle casing was the traditional casing. I use very very large pork casings. Andouille is not meant to be a stand along sausage and I always assumed it was the reason for the large casing so it couldn’t be confused with the sausages, much like coloring cure pink. In them olden days the andouille was the only cured “sausage” (I use this term loosely), everything else was smoked ground meat.

    So its all about cracked black, cayenne, some thyme, garlic, and salt. Throw in some cure and smoke it.

    Finally I apologize, I can’t share my recipe because it’s sold now nationally, and its not mine.. Not the original recipe that I use, although it’s still a close kept secret and I can get the seasoning but not the recipe. LOL.

    If you hang with the above, you can’t go wrong ‘cause that is what we had to make it with. We lacked green seaweed and montosodiumglutinate…. LOL

    I think Craigs would be my first choice.
  15. Thanks Foamy.
    As all ways the font of all smoking knowledge. 😄👍
  16. jockaneezer

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    I would certainly eat any of those recipes, but I once had Andouille sausage in France when I went to Magny Cours for the Formula One race a few years back, it tasted like the contents of a farm's septic tank pushed into a sausage casing, just a heads up if you're ever down that way [​IMG]
  17. Use the one Chef JimmyJ recommended from It really is authentic Creole/Cajun. Cured then warm smoked to 160 deg F. Best thing for gumbo and jambalaya.

  18. gav iscon

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    I think I've had those as well. Thats the problem with France IMHO, the food is either fantastic or truly awful. 
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  19. Well Boys.  My friend Foam lives in La. and his recipe is now sold nation wide.  If he recommends those 2 recipes I know what I would chose!  No brainer!  Keep Smokin!

  20. kiska95

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    Any difference in Andouille East Texas Danny?

    The other thing Danny is Texas Links? You may remember you tried the T & G Angel Hot guts links at the weekend how did they compare and whats a basic recipe. You always say that the local butcher does them for you so fess up whats the story????? XXXXX

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