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Feb 2, 2014
Rhode Island
Knowing that it was going to rain ahead of time I figured I'd break out the EZ-Up for shelter but when I pulled it out of the shed yesterday it apparently did not survive me packing it away after the last tailgate so had to come up with a plan B.

The back of my house is the north side and the rain is coming in from the south so that helps a little.A little creative thinking I turned my stainless table so its going the long way from house,put a 5gal bucket on the bottom shelf to hold the PID.Ran the probe from it and my Inkbird (which is stuck on the back of the MES) up the backside of the smoker and thru the vent.The flower box above the MES pretty much blocks any moisture from directly getting in the vent and on the probe wires and the heat coming out takes care of the rest.And since the stock controller is still good I covered it with some gorilla tape.

The babybacks are on and smoking away.


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Been out in the rain with an umbrella trying to keep the smoker dry. So, I think your setup is much better!
Nice workaround!
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