Anbody every here of this?

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Nov 18, 2006
Found this odd piece of meat at the market tonight called
Pork Rib Belly

Never saw it before but it looks a whole lot meatier than the pork bellies I bought a while back to make bacon with.

I figure if a slice off the ribs I can use it to make bacon. Even has the nipples on the skin side.

Looks like it will make some excellent bacon Debi. Let us know how it turns out.
hello I never heard of it can you use the 3-2-1 method or do you cook it straight up lets us know how ir turn out and what flavor it is
Redbrinkman 1955
I'm not sure what I'll get when I cut it open but I'm planning on cutting off the ribs and doing ribs 3-2-1 style and bacon with this package!
Ok honey, soak the pork and yourself, in the beer of your choice, for at LEAST 6 hrs, then report back to us. And don't be too damn slow in doing it! your friend, GypsySea God,
I avoided that subject to stay out of trouble. Here I go again... I tried smokin something with nipples once, but the wife kept kicking so I had to let her out before she tore up the smoker!
Could that be freshside with the rib tips still on? if so cut the tips out and cookem seprate, and cold smoke the side meat, now thats "GOOD EATS"
Oh, naughty naughty, Joe, your poor wife, get the shower ready cause your gonna wake up tommorrow with a big ole green bucket of ass whup dumped all over you!
And you damn sure deserve it!
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