AMNPS Mod for SmokinTex and SMOKIN-IT Smokers

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by scarbelly, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. scarbelly

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    Both the SmokinTex and the SMOKIN-IT models suffer from a lack of oxygen and have trouble using the AMNPS.  I have been working with Todd for a couple of years to find a remedy for this problem and after some test runs I think we have found an easy solution. 

    [​IMG]       [​IMG]

    As you can see - both look identical inside ( sorry about the different size pics - these came from their websites) and both function basically the same. Normally you add chips/chunks to the box in the center bottom to generate smoke. There is a heating coil that is covered by the smoke box (see mod pic for details)  

    Due to the fact that both are very well sealed, the only airflow is from the drain hole under the smoker box or from the vent on the top of the unit, there is not enough airflow to keep the AMNPS going when hot smoking. I have had great success with the AMNS in my SmokinTex but the SMOKIN-IT users report that they are not able to use either the AMNS or AMNPS with any success. 

    My first test was to raise the entire smoker up off the drip pan and that worked great for the AMNS for both hot and cold smokes as it allowed more airflow under the smoker in into the smoker thru the drip hole. 

    My next mod was using a small aquarium pump with a copper barb up thru the drip hole which had minimal success and cause some heat issues. 

    I tried adding a fan on the side of the smoker with a baffle near the drip hole to force air up into the unit which also met with minimal success. Some days it worked well and some not at all. 

    I started enlarging the drip hole and started to see more progress as I enlarged the hole. At 3/4" I was almost there and was looking at going to 1" to see if that worked. I did not have a 1" even with my step drill bit so Todd and I decided to try a second hole since the drip pan is 10" long and both holes would drip into the pan.  This has solved the problem and is working very well. I have run the unit several times with great success and complete burn thru on the pellets. 

    Here are some pics of the mod - very simple and cost free. 

    I drilled the second hole directly behind the first (original) drip hole right below the box. This pic shows the heating element directly above the holes

    This picture shows the whole floor of the smoker.  When I am actually smoking I cover the entire floor with foil and poke a hole in the foil for the drain hole. This helps with clean up - I also cover the top of the smoke box in foil as well. Sorry for the fuzzy iPhone camera work 

    Here is the AMNPS getting ready to go into the smoker - look at that beautiful TBS 

    Here is my configuration for the AMNPS in the smoker - this allows me to cover a small area of the bottom rack to protect the AMNPS from dripping meat 

    You can see the TBS coming out the vent hole. Success at last !!

    Hope this thread helps other SmokinTex and SMOKIN-IT users with a plan to use the AMNPS  

    Send me a PM if you have any questions 
  2. tjohnson

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    Choo Choo!

    Great Job Scar!!

    This has been a frustration for some time, and Scar just kept plugging away until we finally figured it out.

    The extra hole provides just enough oxygen for proper combustion.

    Thanks My Friend!!

  3. Just got a Smokin-It #2 and did the mod and smoked some salmon at 150F with the AMNPS loaded with Pitmasters Blend.  Ummmm Good.

    The stainless is tough to drill.  I turned the unit upside down on 2 2x4's to protect the knob and vent and drilled from the bottom.  I finally got a 3/16" Cobalt bit through using water as a coolant.  Tried forever with cutting oil but that just lubricated and didn't cut.  I then ran a 1/4" bit through and went to 1/2" using an Irwin cobalt step bit.  I made the original hole 1/2" also.  AMNPS stayed lit for the entire 5 1/2 hr smoke.
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  4. Just a note on my experience.

    I decided to give the AMNPS a try since I had heard of others having success with it.  I have a Smokin-It #2 with a PID, and I live at ~5200 ft altitude.  I knew I would have even more of an oxygen problem at this altitude, so I drilled three (instead of the recommended two) 1/2" holes with a cobolt bit (no problems using this bit).  I gave the AMNPS a trial run with some ribs, and could not keep the pellets burning.  I lit them thoroughly with a torch a number of times, and once it went into the smoker, the TBS would slowly die off in a matter of a couple of minutes.  It stays lit and smokes nicely outside of the smoker, but there's just not enough oxygen in there to keep it going.  I'm going to try one more 1/2" hole to see if that helps, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  5. njfoses

    njfoses Meat Mopper

    I currently have a mes 30 with amnps and im intrigued by the smokin-it.  I love my amnps and would not want to give it up.  Hopefully this mod continues to work and evolve as it seems a working amnps with a smokin-it is a killer combo!
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    I'm looking at getting a Smokin-it #3 and I use the 12" & 18" AMNTS (tube smoker). Has anyone tried these for smoke generation???
  7. I just received my #3 yesterday and have not had a chance to play with it yet but definitely want to use the AMNPS with it. We'll see how it goes.
  8. I use a 12 inch Tube with my Smokin-IT #2 with no problem, out of the box. 

    My brother has a #3 and an 18in Tube, and he has oxygen problems with the single hole. He hasn't yet drilled another hole (or two) to resolve it.
  9. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That sounds promising! thanks for the report!
  10. I'm jumping into this thread kind of late but wouldn't it be possible to mount a firebox under or on the side for the AMNPS to reside? A mailbox does the trick on other smokers. On this one, you'd probably want to make it a little more fancy and out of stainless. Maybe that's something Todd or the maker of Smokin-It could sell as an addon?
  11. ida tater

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    Has anyone ever tried opening the door a crack, I wondered about using some duct tape to seal the top and side of the door so air can only draft from the base of the door. Anyone ???
  12. chef jimmyj

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    You will most likely find the AMNTS Tube will work better with these machines as the larger holes allow more oxygen to the pellets...JJ
  13. ida tater

    ida tater Newbie

    talked to Amazen via email he says with Smokin Tex dust works best without drilling a second hole in the bottom of box. I will however still order the AMNPS so I can use pellets/dust
  14. I did the mod last week with the (2) 3/4 inch holes in the bottom if the smokin tex 1400. I'm hoping this keeps the pellets going in the amnps without having a negative effect on the temperature of the smoker oven when it's cold outside.
  15. ida tater

    ida tater Newbie

    Daddypig I am just northeast of you 2 hrs. I have the Smokin tex 1400 also. this summer I had terrible luck with the dust burning even outside the box. even after putting dust in the microwave it was just to humid to keep it burning. I broke down and built mailbox cold smoker. I had a local shop make exact replica of the 1400 door with a 3 inch nipple to attach tube to. I know everyone loves AMNs products but I didn't have much luck with it. I haven't completely given up on it though I will try using this winter with the drier air and my door with the hole in it.

  16. I smoked a pork tenderloin last night using my new amnps. I did the mod with the (2) 3/4" holes in the bottom and the thin blue smoke was non stop. No more bitter tasting meat from an oxygen starved oven! Thanks so much for all the information about this problem and how to fix it. You guys rock. My potential new issue with the new mod is a huge temperature swing like I've never seen before. I had the ST1400 set at 230 and the external temp was 32 F. I was getting readings all the way up to 327 F. That's never happened in this smoker before. I moved the dial to 220 and she settled in at 245 for the rest of the cook.
  17. smoking4fun

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    I know this is somewhat of an older thread, but my MES30 crapped out over the weekend, and I'm looking at the Smoki-it #3, but I really like my AMNPS (as opposed to adding wood chunks) so I've been trying to do some research on the SI3/AMNPS combo and the issues.  I like this mod, but I don't like the idea of drilling holes in the smoker box - so I was wondering if someone that has an SI3 can provide some input on another mod...since I already have the mailbox mod for my MES30, can I run that up to the drip hole in the bottom (and attach with some aluminum tape to keep a seal between the tube and the smoker box and then put an inline duct fan at the exhaust hole so it would essentially be pulling the air through the smoker box (and pulling air through the mailbox to make sure the AMNPS has sufficient oxygen to burn the pellets/dust)?  Thoughts?
  18. old sarge

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    There are some folks who do use the AMNPS without any mods. You might want to use the search feature at the top of the page. The SI site may have some info. The SI user group on this SMF forum may also have some info. As for adding chunks of wood, you load at the beginning of a smoke only and no need to reload even on a 10+ hour smoke.
  19. i have a little joe 25 it is just like smoken it and tex no luck at all usen the 6 inch tube none this has no drain hole and 1/2 hole in the top  what would be best place drill holes and is the 1/2 at top big enough  i want put holes in best spot to get best results  the results is more important than looks  OR IS BETTER TO PUT OUT SIDE SMOKER AND STILL DRILL HOLES WERE HOW BIG T hanks ray 10000
  20. old sarge

    old sarge Master of the Pit ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    ray1000 - Pretty difficult to answer your question.  I googled little joe 25 and variants and came up empty so no idea on where to drill the holes. 

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