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  1. So I got the AMNPS maze and I have used it a few times. I'm using it tonight on my pork butt and I was under the impression that it is supposed to burn for over 6 hours. Even 8-10? I lit mine at 9 and it completely burned upmthr pellets in 3 hours. What am I doing wrong? I just filled it up again but am going to bed. At least I'll get another 3 hours but I should get longer. Any thoughts?
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    This depends on what you are using it in. If it is burning the whole maze in 3 hours, it is most likely getting too much oxygen or the smoker is really hot 350+.

    In my MES 40, with the chip tray out 2" and the loader out completely, an entire tray lasts about 4 hours. However, if I push the tray to 1" out get the smoke rolling with the loader out for 15 minutes, then push the loader all the way in...A tray last 10 hours. I have never gotten more than 10 hours of smoke...JJ
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    Also, make sure you don't overfill it. If you do, the fire can jump into the adjacent lane.
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  5. I was smokin at 235-245, I had the chip tray out about 2 inches and the loader out about 4- 5 inches. So after I refilled it and lit it and went to bed, I woke up and it burned out before it burned the first row. Tried again and still burned out within 30 mins after lighting. Same configuration with the chip tray and loader. Then....emptied the tray and put all new pellets (pecan and cherry) and lit it....again burned the whole tray in less than 3 hours. Is this thing that touchy? Or am not letting the pellets burn long enough with the flame? I lit it with a propane tourch, let the fire burn for 10 mins...even blew on the pellets to keep the fire lit snd then blew it out after 10 mins.

    Bottem line, it wouldn't stay lit a couple of tries and when it did, it burned out in under 3 hours, twice. All withthe same tray and loader configuration. Thanks. I'm sorry if this sounds confusing. Gah :hit:
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    The temp is fine. The loader and drawer are out more than most people use, 1" each is usually plenty. I have another possible issue that I confirmed yesterday. I have been using a Foil Tent that is only 2", at it's peak, above the pellets the last 2 smokes, smoker at 250. Both times 2 rows burned up in just under 4 hours. I have not had this issue before. I am thinking the reflective foil is causing the accelerated burn. It must be getting REALLY hot because the foil is scorched and the layer closed to the pellets flakes when I take the tent out. If the pellets are loaded evenly, they should not just stop burning unless something drips on them. Below is the setup that I use frequently to get 6 hours or so...JJ

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    Is the exhaust wide open.... are you using a water pan with water in it... what type of smoker are you using... gas, electric, charcoal....
  8. Ok thanks JJ, maybe I just need to play around with it more and see if I can get it right. I'll close the tray and loader a bit more and make sure my flame goes for 10 mins. I don't have a tent, just the drip tray that comes with the MES30. I kept the meat to the far right so no drippings would hit the maze.
  9. I use an MES30, Masterbuilt electric and I have the top vent/exhaust wide open. No liquids in the pan if I use the Maze.
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    This may sound dumb, but you are blowing out the flame and making sure that the pellets are only smoldering when you put them in right?  I have seen posts on sites before where people put them in lit and couldn't figure out why they weren't getting good smoke and why it isn't lasting long enough.

    If you're not doing the above (which I'm sure your not), you may just have too much oxygen flowing through and it is accelerating the burn.
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    No one has asked yet?  What pellets are you burning!
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    When you say it burned out in 3 hours, you mean all three rows were completely burned through or it went out with pellets left?

    I have been careless with my torch when lighting before and unknowingly lit the second row. It burned really fast but I noticed it early on because it was billowing smoke. 

    Lately I have had wind and humidity issues causing it to randomly go out so I have added a computer fan to my mailbox mod to keep a steady but light flow of air running across the AMNPS. This has helped out a bunch. 
  13. Hi. Yes it burned all 3 rows to ashes. I had heavy smoke coming out and 3 hours later all burned up.
  14. Burning Amazn pellets. Cherry and/or maple
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    I am suspicious that you are jumping rows to burn down that fast. I have done that a couple times. And my goodness, if you can get the cherry to burn you are doing better than I did. I had to mix cherry to get any real smoke out of it.

    As far as staying lit, I have issues too. I typically light both ends and hope one stays lit. BUT, I think my problem goes away on those smokes where I nuked the AMZN pellets before use. FYI, be careful in the microwave, keep an eye on the pellets, I had a small flare up in my microwave once after not too long. I'd bet any fire would die for lack of oxygen very quickly, but I'd rather not find out. One thing is for sure, the maze is freaking awesome when it works.
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    The chamber temperature around the AMNPS may also be hotter than you think causing it to burn quickly. It may be worth putting a BBQ temperature probe close to it next time to check.
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  18. I think it just takes some adjusting with the different vents and chip loader maybe. I just did a beef brisket Sat night/Sunday.  I tried what JJ suggested and I only opened the chip tray and chip loader 1 inch instead of the 2. THe top vent open all the way.  I filled the tray and lit it and let it burn with flame for 10-12 minutes outside the MES30. Blew it out and placed it in the MES30, placed a piece of foil on the rack above to keep drippings off of it and it burned great for about 9-10 hours. So I was very pleased this time around. Hafta see if I can repeat the success next time. 
  19. Whoa, interesting Mod and thread. I may look into that if I can't repeat the burn I posted in my last post.  Thank you.
  20. Try microwaving your pellets for 1minuite three times to dry out the moisture.

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