amazing flavor, "this is a big one

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Dec 23, 2012
first off hello all hope yall  (southern at heart)  had a good holiday's,  mine was was excellent mainly on the foods being served and who isn't with a group like this here,  judge all foods and take notes right guys, :-)  all the the free rum doesn't make the the bad food better,  it helps but not, sorry grandpa:-)

id like to keep this a secrete but i gatta share

my mother baked Turkey's for thanksgiving and Christmas using this marinade and rub from and all of these are OK at best but this was over the top good if you were late at the Christmas dinner there would just be bones left.  but i found the flavor by luck of a Christmas gift so im sharing

the base favor is on the left and thats the weber  Vegy grill

started off with a porterhouse and it was just the best flavor i dusted each side with those.

pan fried high heat in EVOO about 3 min to start out with then turn and  about 6 min or less each side.

i loved it  so i pre mixed those in a shaker and did the same with some NY strips and fell in love with it.

so much so im using it to marinate  a $35 butcher select brisket,  just under 15 lb and i loose about 2 lbs when trimmed.

never marinated one like this in all the years so i had to try it,  if it turns out half as good its going to be a hit on sunday.

so here it is.

i cut the flat and tip apart and since there isnt 3lbs of fat through the tip and its all meat and thicker i might have another plan for that tip after its smoked

i still loose a pound or so to my butcher but i think he plans it this way,  not to shure on the price deal but theres 2 happy people, hies a smart guy

so heres the last pics till cook time

the video of me sealing up  the end of that was really funny so much so i lost it :-P
The qview looks great, but I had a hard time following the description...are you saying you combined the 4 rubs/spices shown in the first pic in your post?  If so, what was the ratio of each?  I'm always open to trying new recipes!  

i was pressed for time to finish that up and post it before heading out but yes equal amounts but for the brisket,  3 cups water, 2 TBS each of the spices,  (left out the salt) 3 TBS of better then bouillon beef flavor and 1 tsp minced garlic,  heated it up and then chilled it and added it to the bag and sealed it.
6:15 AM and it is cold out there,   every 30 min poring hot tap water on the tank to keep the pressure up to just maintain 140 deg in it and its on high,

hay there  that would of hit the spot,  locked in a battle with the cold,  went down to -2 there at dawn, smoker temp went down to 200 deg,  i should have planned this sunday meal for saturday right:-)  7:51 AM now
the point hit 200 first so i brought it all in the oven too finish up there since the "oven master" is up and out of bed, :-)  temps are dropping outside again and i need some sleep

i cut into the point for little treat before i lay down. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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