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  1. Red,

    Is there an ACE Hardware near you?  Mine just started carrying pellets over the winters.  They had Traeger, GMG and Lumberjacks there.
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  2. seenred

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    Hmm...That's good to know, Thanks, BYS!  There are about 4 Ace hardwares close enough to make it worth the drive if they carry those brands, especially LJ.

  3. Do you have any kcbs contests going on close to you?  If they were going to cook it they might bring some along to sell... I am paying about 13 bucks for a 20lb bag here in Olathe ks.
  4. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Yeah, there are a couple.  It's worth checking into, thanks, Smoke!

  5. The best buy in my area is Academy Sports. Actually they have a large selection of grills and some pellet smokers for sale at this location. They sell bulk charcoal, wood chunks, wood chips and pellets in apple, mesquite and hickory which are an oak blend by B & B Charcoal. I purchased 200 lbs for $99.99 which gets me pellets for $0.50 per pound. I am now discussing a dealership with two manufacturers. 

    On the other hand, I also found that Tractor Supply carries pellets but were completely sold out. They are for sale at $5.49 per 40 pounds. They are red oak. As soon as their shipment arrives, i will purchase one ton of that product. They are made by Ozark Hardwood Products.

    If becoming a dealer means that I can purchase them for less, this is a viable option. I've convinced my nephew who owns a manufacturing company in New Braunfel, yes a US company that makes products in the USA, to lend me his company name and warehouse space to house the pellets. Here I am 70 years old and thinking about starting a business with pellets and perhaps carrying Rec Tec and Yoder Grills. Will wonders never cease. By the way, my nephew manufactures filtration and cleaning systems for fish tanks both salt and fresh water and sells all over the US. If a patio store can sell grills and pellets, then a marine system manufacturer can sell pellets and grills. 

    Sometimes I wonder if I should have purchased a Yoder wood/charcoal grill and have cord of oak delivered for $200.00 and buy bulk Charcoal by the bag. But that gets pretty messy. That type of cooking requires a lot more experience with air flow in and out than I possess. However,that's the way my nephew does it all the time. 


  6. Ed now those from tractor supply are for food right and not for pellet stoves used for heating
  7. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Just wanted to post an update of my search for affordable pellets.  The Ozark Premium Hardwood Pellets that Ed alluded to, I discovered those are available in 2 locations here locally, a farm and ranch supply and a lumber company.  Officially they are heating pellets, but they are 100% hardwood (oak, I believe) with no additives, and are perfectly safe in pellet cookers.  It occurred to me after reading all the posts in this thread again that these are the very same pellets that Rec Tec sent me (a complimentary 40 lb. bag) when they shipped my smoker.  I have used that entire first bag of OPHPs, and they worked great!  The best part is, I just bought a couple bags of these Ozark Pellets at the local lumber yard for $4.80 per 40 lb. bag, or about .12 per lb.  And as far as flavor, the jury is still out as I compare these to more expensive premium brands of cooking pellets, but  I've been getting good results using Todd's tube with flavor pellets to add more desired flavor to my cooks. 

  8. lazykitty

    lazykitty Fire Starter

    Thanks for the info on the Ozark pellets.  I'm reading and researching everything I can on pellets and my future Rec Tec.
  9. bigblue

    bigblue Smoke Blower

    carefull on those heating pelletts just because they are "100% hardwood " they might have been made with lower psi which means they need binders (glues,etc )

    just what ive read on the differences in heating and cooking pelletts

    I hope your right about the Ozarks because i love the price
  10. lazykitty

    lazykitty Fire Starter

    I stopped in at my local True Value store, and they have Traeger pellets on sale for $12.99/20 lb bag. 
  11. I too have discovered, Cash and Carry offers the Bear Mountain brand pellets at $9.51 per 20lb bag. Cash and Carry is a restaurant supply chain on the West coast. 

    This week end will be burning some Bovine Carcass using the Bear Mountain pellets.
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  12. I too have discovered, Cash and Carry offers the Bear Mountain brand pellets at $9.51 per 20lb bag. Bear Mountain is Alder wood base with whatever other flaver 

    Cash and Carry is a restaurant supply chain on the West coast. 

    This week end will be burning some Bovine Carcass
  13. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    I wish we had some Cash and Carry in my area...that's a good price and I'd like to try those Bear Mtn. pellets.

  14. Google search Wholesale food supply, Oklahoma.

    Links to what I found.

    Did not check to see if anyone had pellets, I will leave that up to you.

    There were no pellets so I deleted it....   DaveOmak.... 
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  15. I own a bbq supply store.....


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  16. I am not sure if this helps, but this is my observations.  

    I did a 12 hr smoke at 225 two weeks ago using Bear Mtn and I used about 30 lbs of a 33lbs bag.  The outside temp on this day was 100+.  Last weekend I did close to 30 hours at 225 using the GMG Premium blend and I used about 24lbs of a 28lbs bag.  The outside temp was mid 80s.

    Seems to me that the though the Bear Mtn is cheaper, I wound up using more cancelling out any cost savings.
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  17. iebbqman

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    I use the perfect blend and I do 12 hour and longer cooks on my grill at no higher then 250. I buy 40lb bags and I find use less the 20lbs between both grills.

    I did a 24 hour cook with both grills going the entire time and I did not use an entire bag. So while the cost of shipping them makes it about $1 a pound but they sure do burn a long time. I will post a picture of my grill and how much I put through the unit soon.
  18. jgarizona

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    I tried the bbq delight hickory pellets.  I found they created a lot of ash, there was to much saw dust at the bottom of the bag and there were pieces of blue rubber that were in 2 of the 20# bags that I opened.  Some of the rubber was really small but some of it was 1/4 inch in size.  I really don't like being forced to sift my pellets for trash.

    I tried treager, they kicked off a lot of ash with not much flavor.

    I just ordered some of the 100% hickory from cookingpellets dot com....  I hope to have better results.
  19. Hi fellow pellet smokers. Good conversation here on diferent pellets. I'm in south jersey and it got to be so frustrating finding pellets, and then quality ones at that I became a dealer for cookinpellets and Lumber jack. I've used cookin pellets for years and mostly traeger(yuck) and expensive.

    In my experience so far over the past 5 years, the 2 i stock were my favorites although I am looking for one more brand. It won't be traeger and i'm now testing another brand. The jury is still out.

    Looking forward to hearing more about everyone else's experience. 


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  20. bearcarver

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    That price is too good. Sounds like heating pellets. The last ones I got cost me $418.00 for 2 tons (100 bags, 40 pounds each---Two pallets).

    That's about 10.5 cents a pound.


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