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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers Group' started by seenred, May 6, 2013.

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    Yeah, Bear, its the best local retail price I've found, and they are technically heating pellets.  But when my pellet smoker was shipped to me back in April, Rec Tec sent a free 40# bag of these pellets with it, and they assure me these are good for cooking.  So far I am getting good results with them, and like I've already said, I usually use Todd's tube for extra smoke flavor.

  2. I guess now you are a believer. If you have a Tractor Supply in your area, give then a call. You can also order then online from Tractor Supply.

    I hate to say this, but I told you so.

  3. seenred

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    Yes you did, Ed...thanks!  I am having no trouble finding the Ozark Premium Hardwood Pellets locally, and you can't beat the price.

  4. I used to use Traeger exclusively, but the store that sold them shut down.  I switch from grilling to smoking quite often, so I need a pellet that can get hot enough to grill.  A local store brought in some perfect mix and hickory for $38/40lb bag, so I started using those.  But I couldn't get my grill over 300F on a hot summer day, even with no food on it! I researched and found another store in town selling Traeger pellets for $20/20lb and tried those, got up to 400F on the cool end and 500F on the hot end no problem. So I'll be avoiding the ones from now on, they may be a couple of bucks cheaper but I'm burning more even when smoking, and can't use them to grill at all.
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    I tried that perfect mix a few times also and got little flavor, little heat, and ash flying all over the place. Not good.
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    Hmm...interesting to hear your thoughts about those CookingPellets com pellets.  That's the first negative comments I've seen or heard on them.  There are lots of people on another forum who highly recommend them.  Your comments just go to show that more expensive ain't always better.  I like the results I'm getting from the Ozark pellets, for around .12 per lb. as opposed to around $1 per lb. for those "premium" brands.

  7. So I have been lured in by the cheap price and am going to try a bag of Ozark hardwood pellets.  Just got off the phone with them and was told that they are safe to use in a pellet grill.  No bad binders or additives.
  8. seenred

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    I'd be interested to know what you think of them after you've had the chance to use some.  I've tried several brands, and none have performed any better for me the those from OHP.

  9. I started off using Generic brand pellets from the outfit where I bought my pellet smoker (they gave me 100 lbs. with the purchase of the smoker).  I didn't get much flavor from them and they seemed to have a lot of dust.

    I also have not found a local store that sells pellets, so I have to order on-line.

    I did some research, and Lumber Jack and BBQ Delights seemed to be popular.  I ordered some Lumber Jack 20 & 40 lb bags through Amazon and have liked them very much.  I get a good flavor, not a lot of ash and they seem to last.  I bought 20 & 40 lb sacks of 100% Hickory, 100% Cherry and 30% Mesquite (70 % Red Oak).  Lumber Jack has mixes and 100% flavors, and sells individual bags, or pallets as someone mentioned.  Lumber Jack will sell a full pallet (100 bags) or a half pallet (50 bags) order.

    I was thinking of trying some BBQ Delight on my next order - but SmokinGrk said he has them against Lumber Jack and did not notice much of a difference, so I'll probably stick with LumberJack unless I hear of another that is better.

    I store mine outdoors (on the patio under the roof) in good plastic tubs and have not notices any deterioration from moisture absorption over 2 months so far.  This time of year is our Monsoon season where we get humidity and some rain, so it is a reasonable test - but not as humid as other parts of the country.
  10. I am going to pick up a bag and try them next weekend...I will let you all know how they work...compared to bbq delight.
  11. Well I used the Ozark hardwood pellets from Tractor supply 40 lb bag was like 5 bucks after tax.  They seemed to work fine, heat was good would compare them to the oak flavor of bbq delight.  I would buy them again and use.
  12. seenred

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    My sentiments long as I'm using the tube smoker for my preferred added smoke flavor, it's hard to beat the performance at that price. I'm also still buying some of the B&B pellets in apple and hickory at Academy for $9.99 per 20#.

  13. Is this the pellets at TSC y'all referring to?  This is the only ones I can find on their website..
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  14. Hard to tell it does not show a pic of the bag,  It also does not tell the manufacturer of those pellets.  I can only comment on the Ozark hardwood pellets.  You might call to see who makes those in the picture.
  15. seenred

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    As Show Me Smoke says, its hard to say without seeing a bag or brand.  I think TSC likes to sell whatever they can get for the best wholesale price at the time, so you might get a different brand every time you went.  If you want to check out the pellets discussed earlier in this thread, just google Ozark Hardwood Products to get to their website (sorry, we're not supposed to attach outside links).  The product is Ozark Hardwood Products' Premium Hardwood Pellet Fuel.

    edit:  I went to their website, and you can do a search for dealers in your area.

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  16. I called TSC and was told they have Greenway Super Premium Pellets.  I found out the manufacturer and called them and was told 100% oak w/ no fillers.  Vegetable is used a machine lubricant.  $5.40 a bag.  I ordered my Rec Tec on Wednesday at 9am and put it together last night.  Not to happy w/ some of the workmanship.  Bolt missing on top lid that holds lid rest bracket and was rolling cart it this morning and the locking mechanism fell out of one of the casters.  I won't go back in.  Did burn in and reached 500 degrees without a problem (at least thats what the LED said.  Gonna test w/ the maverick today.
  17. seenred

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    Sorry to hear there were some issues with your RT out of the of the things I like about this company is their customer service. Any problems with workmanship, I'm sure if you call Ron at Rec Tec he'll do whatever he can to make it right.

    Good luck!

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  18. Called Saturday and parts are on the way
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    Must still agree - Lumber Jack to date is my go to for good price, good burn and great flavor.  I did a whole 40 lb pig with a mix of Lumber Jack Hickory, Maple, Cherry and some oak.  Added some apple, cherry and oak to AMZTS - skin was really smokeyand perfect color and the meat was just right. Took about 10 hrs at 225 for 6 hrs 250 for the 4 hrs and about 13-15 lbs pellets in late September.

  20. Sorry to hijack this thread, but had a question for SmokinGrk- I've got a 640, and would love to do a whole little piggy. Couldn't get a handle on your cooking times, and was also wondering at what temp you pulled it, and where you were measuring temps. I see one in the neck, but looks like more temp sensors elsewhere perhaps? is there one spot better than others to get a good average temp?

    Many thanks in advance,


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