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Adding buttermilk powder to your bread recipes....


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I've been tweaking my bread recipe for a few years... I use a bread machine... usually make 1 loaf/week....
This is my recipe..
450 gms bread flour
45 gms Demerara sugar
20 gms dry buttermilk /// experimental loaf in the machine now has 20 gms dry milk powder....
12 gms kosher salt
12 gms yeast
12 gms gluten
12 gms Caraway seed
12 gms Dill seed
4 TBS butter
260 gms warm water
I was shooting for an acidic flavor in the bread similar to Deli Jewish Rye which is like a sour dough, fermented...
It's really good...
Well, I kept adding buttermilk powder in an attempt to get a more sour flavor....
My loaves kept getting smaller and more dense.... I love the increased density and sour flavor but the bread wouldn't rise properly....
The BM powder was killing the yeast.... Cow’s milk has a pH of 6.7–6.9, compared with 4.4–4.8 for buttermilk...
Soooo, if you add BM to your bread recipe, be prepared to make some changes...
A 1-2 gms change in BM powder can make a significant change in how your bread rises...
Carefully adjusting the gms. BM can make a very nice, more dense bread.... not that airy stuff that's not good for much....
Try adding a small amount to your regular bread recipe to tighten it up.. Play with the BM amount until you get a perfect loaf...
NOTE..... Volume measure does NOT work when trying to replicate a recipe... use grams weights for all your measurements....

BM is healthy... https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/buttermilk#what-it-is

I have an experimental loaf in the bread machine now... in about 4 hours, I will show my results...

As I increased the BM powder, I had to increase the other ingredients proportionally to get a full sized loaf with the increased density...


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You lost me at the part that cows had milk. Ha ha!

I'm sure it will be very helpful information for some. Thanks Dave...

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Hi Dave
Interesting...I haven't tried buttermilk powder. I have fermento...wonder if that would be an ok substitute. I make a rye bread that uses pickle juice as an ingredient. I'm not sure if a link is allowed but if your interested just Google real ny Jewish rye bread and give it a read. Not sure how authentic it is but if you follow the recipe it turns out real good.


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Hmm, why not just make real rye bread with sourdough starter? Results will be much better than adding vinegar, which is the wrong flavor. There's a real easy way to maintain a starter that I've been using for the last 2 years that doesn't require a lot of attention:


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With real Jewish Rye you need a starter like sourdough.... Most bakeries use left over bread dough as the starter/mother... Too much work for me... Dry ingredients into a bread machine is just right..

Anywho, I found out what I needed to know...
This loaf is with dry milk powder... It's the same size as the 20 gms dry buttermilk...
The dry BM recipe has a more acidic flavor.. When I went with `35 gms dry BM, the loaf was 1/2 sized compared to this loaf.... in 2 tests...

This loaf is 5x5x7" tall.... It's missing that sour flavor... It's pretty dense at 1.85#'s ... I love it...
Awesome bread....

Bread reg. milk 001.JPG
Bread reg. milk 002.JPG

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