Accidentally slept through a cook

Discussion in 'Pork' started by noleq, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. Around midnight, I was so hyped up for the FSU-Clemson game that I decided to go ahead and start smoking a 3.5 lb boneless pork shoulder instead waking up early to get it going.

    Gave it a nice rub down 24 hours before starting it, using apple wood & the fuse-method on my weber kettle. Will not be using a Texas crutch or foil (I'm a bark guy.)

    So, I get everything set up, intake 2/3 open, exhaust about 1/4. Put the butt on and walked away for what I thought would only 45 minutes before I checked it.

    The idiot that I am, falls asleep for 7 hours until this Morning.
    I jumped out of bed in full-on panic mode raced to the grill-turned-smoker to find my fire dead. Anger and grief wash over me as I reach for my Thermapen.

    Just when I thought all was lost, it slides in like a hot knife through butter registering 195 degrees F. Overcome with joy and emotion, I fell to my knees, spread my arms wide and thanked the gods of smoke and meat.
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  6. Damn! That looks like a pretty tasty "mistake"!

    Makes you wonder if all the hours of fire tending are really
  7. [USER=]@tjs231[/USER] my thoughts exactly. Although i do credit most of this success to consistent FL weather and Lady Luck, it's definitely going to make me reconsider checking every 45 min-hour.
  8. nptwnsmkr

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    The smoking gods have shone mercy on your sleepy soul! Nice looking shoulder :drool
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  9. Now that I'm cooking on a WSM I can honestly say I don't check it more than every hour or two. I start the fire, dampen the intake vents, set the pit thermometer and just let it rip.

    It has really freed up my time to pursue my other hobbies like drinking beer and sitting in the shade under my favorite tree....
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  10. [USER=]@tjs231[/USER] I'm jealous of your WSM & freedom! I can't wait to get a dedicated smoker. definitely going to be a WSM or pit barrel smoker because of their set & forget capabilities. Thanks for checking out my thread!
  11. wade

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    I have the same freedom since I started using the IQ-110 on the Weber 22". Get is started and then only check it every 3-4 hours or so if you get bored and want something to do..
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  12. I'm really interested in getting an IQ unit. Every review I read is different though. Some love it, some hate it. I might just have to buy one to see for myself. I'm curious how the WSM is going to work in 10-20° winter weather around here. Something tells me it'll need a bit more babysitting in those conditions.
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  13. [USER=]@tjs231[/USER] [USER=]@wade[/USER] what's an IQ?!
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    Ah the Gods of Smoke ... I wonder what it was like back in the day when they'd burn a sacrificial lamb on an altar. How did they plan that?

    "Ya know, I got a feeling the Gods are hungry today."

    "Yeah. But let's make them wait until tomorrow, and marinate the lamb today."
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    Oooo , Noleq , a lovely But you have  [​IMG]  . Kudos for no foil . I'm a bark lover too [​IMG]  .

    You are on your way to BBQ 'Nervana" , the 'Smoke gods' have chosen for you , a path . . . listen to your inner self and follow . . .[​IMG]

    Let the smoke stay 'TBS' and . . .
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    The smoke gods have spoken! Your next smoke you must offer up a beer!

    Beer can chicken is on the menu soon...

    Nice smoke!

  19. As penance you MUST send each member a PP Sammich!  

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    I like bark! And Scott's plan as well! Nice looking and great job!

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