ABT recipes

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Smoke Blower
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Mar 19, 2007
Avon MN.
I saw ideas for ABT's but now I can't find 'em. I have some freinds coming over who like peppers and I would like to make some for them.
Skeeter -

I think one of the most populat is cream cheese and smoked fattys chopped up in the cheese and then jus wrapped in bacon. Don't forget to cut the white stuff out and scrape out the seeds. I slice mine in half it's easier. Some folks just cut the tops off.
Skeeter. Minnesota. How appropriate! (I used to live in E. Bethel, North of the Miniapple)

Go to this link for a bazillion ABT recipes -


Miniapple? Wow, nobody has called Minneapolis that in 20 years.

Here's today's apathetic history lesson:

"Miniapple" was a failed promo for the city, they wanted to have a big time image of diversity and excitement like the "Big Apple" but it turned out that Minneapolis is nothing like New York. The nickname never stuck even though the city pushed it for years. The residents hated it and never used the term, many even considered it insulting. The city finally figured it out that maybe they should punctuate what they are good at instead of trying to be like some other city.
Dang! Didn't mean to hit a nerve! It's been about 13 years since I lived there and they were calling it that then. We are from the Ozarks, lived in East Bethel - we were known to our neighbors as "The East Bethel Hillbillies".
You can take the hillbilly out of the Ozarks ... but you can't take the Ozarks out of the hillbilly.
Best neighbors we ever had, best fishing there is, really liked it there (expensive though & no good BBQ). Never owned a down coat, pac boots, or a snow blower before moving there! We would have stayed there if not for the co. transferring me to KC.
No, no, no, I wasn't suggesting that you hit a nerve; I was just putting out some benign historic blather about the "Miniapple" thing, that's all. I guess I just like to see my incoherent thoughts on message boards here and there - it's a terrible affliction.

Yes, Minnesota is nice, but you're right about no good BBQ; that's why I joined this forum, to get the tips and experience from you guys so I can finally indulge in the fine "Que" that you fellas are used to.
If'n you havin people over and want to cull yer friend pool, try makin ABTs with Habanero's. These puppies will burn yer face plum off. An dats not de end of it. Jus wait 'till the mornin!

i like to slice off the top, use a potato peeler and de-seed and de-vein them. then put in a slice of pepperoni (placed in there so it is rolled around inside the pepper), then place some cheddar, colby-jack, or pepper-jack cheese in there, and wrap with a slice of bacon. stick a toothpick thru it, and you are in business. i have also used diced ham in them, very good. i cut my bacon in half, and use ½ slice per pepper.
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