About time! been enrolled since 2005

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Jul 17, 2005
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
This is my first post ... about time!

Live in south western Ontario and have 2 smokers, a vertical water and a horizontal with side fire-box. They are both modified to use an after market propane burner that I purchased from http://www.gassmoker.com/
I would be happy to share my impressions of these conversions if anyone is interested. I should mention that I am very happy with them as well.

Happy smokin' !
Glad to hear from you!

Please feel free to share any "secrets" to your successes, or to ask questions. The friendly folks here at SMF love to hear about your experiences. Post pics - we love food pron!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Welcome Squeezy,

Glad you finally decided to join in.

Let us know what you think about the gas conversions, we love pics too so show and tell would be nice
Welcome Squeezy

Always nice to find new smokers out there. We've got quite a few die hard Canadians here smoking through the cold.
Thanks for shring the link. Looks very interesting!
I certainly will post some pictures when we return to the lake ... around May.
This burner is an inexpensive way to upgrade any low cost smoker and make you want to use it more!
Squeezy -

Does give me some ideas though. I have an ECB All-In-One that has a gas turkey frier bottom. I have so far only used the gas for starting my coals but now you have me thinking of wraping the bottom with aluminum flashing or something to keep the drafts out.

Maybe I won't need to add charcoal as often.
The best part of propane is the constant temperature and secondly, not using so much of that valuable hardwood. One 48 oz. juice can full will smoke for about 1 and half hours.
SmkyOky -

I was thinking I might build a collar around the ring to keep the wind out more. I don't actually use the propane (not sure why) just doesn't suit me I guess. Be alot easier than throwing a few charcoals on every hour or so.
yo squeezy,
i went to the web site in your first post--
it looked interesting enough to call the 800 number...
they might sell me one for christmas....
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