Aaron Franklin Article/Interview

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In Austin this year we had over 100 days in a row with temps over 100 degrees AND it rained for the first time in months last week.
Anyone working around cookers all day in this "Africa Hot" environment will look sweaty/dirty.
At least he's not a poser TV chef.
I live very close to Austin but I still shower and shave every day - and always right before a photo shoot for a magazine article promoting one of my books.

But hey - I'm cray-cray that way. :emoji_sunglasses:
I read the article and I guess I missed where Aaron actually told us where Texas barbecue was going. He said he was going his own direction and this

I don't like to pretend that I think I know where anything’s headed. But it’s cool to watch.
I've not been across the Red River since 2009. All I know about Texas barbecue is what I read and hear. My main sources are Texas Monthly mag and a podcast called Tales From the Pits.

And except for what Aaron shares on YT and his books, there's not much for an outside backyard guy to glean from what's happening there.
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