Aaah, a real forum!

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Jan 19, 2024
Use to have several forums back in the day. Everybody migrated to FB. Different hobby now,and tired of the FB trolls. Smoked steaks are my specialty, but smoke a lot of meat. Howdy


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Welcome to the SMF!

There are a lot of great people here that have a VAST amount of knowledge and are open to new and great ideas!

Please come in, ask questions, give us some advice, and have fun doing what we all love!
Welcome from Minnesota. This is an amazing forum for information and friends you'll probably never meet. That being said, those same people will give you the shirt off their own back to help you out, or maybe the occasional family secret if you‘re making something special.
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Great to see an active forum. Especially one of my latest hobby smoking meat. 90%+ of the meat I cook is done outdoors. Thanks for the welcome
I never did Facebook, but I've been told that the best thing about forums like this was the ability to search an archive. They tell me that's not easy on Facebook. And there's a wealth of knowledge in the archives here.

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Welcome from KY.
Don't be scared to ask questions, even us seasoned vets are still learning new stuff.
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Welcome from Iowa! Glad you joined us. You will never run out of new things to try here for sure.

Welcome from SC. Those steaks look so good! You got me wanting to smoke some steaks today.
This truly is a great place and the only forum I've ever been a part of that's worth a paid membership. I learn something new weekly here.
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Welcome from down state NY and you are right, best forum out there with great people. What are you smoking on? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.